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Five Favorites Friday....now with pictures....

Friday, February 5, 2010

It's that time of the week again... The time when you humor me by seeing what I'm into this week....

I decided it would be more fun with pictures... not just links...
So here goes...

1. Blog: Meghan at Tuckers Take Tennessee
She is funny, crafty, and loves a good bargain. I have just started reading her blog this week, and am completely hooked. She also doesn't live too far from here, so maybe someday I will get to meet her outside of our little bloggy world!

2. Home Decor Item: "Birds on a Branch" Wall Decal by Pop Wall

his is my latest find for the never ending bedroom redo we are working on. (If you are new here you can read about it HERE and HERE)... Anyhow we have a window oddly placed on the best wall to put the headboard of our bed on... I have tried hanging a picture off-center, but I never really liked it. Then I stumbled onto these cute little birds. If I order them in in the mirror opposite of the above photo the branch can come out from the window frame, and I think the two little birds are sweet.

3. Recipe: CRAEM PUFFS...'Nuff said...
This recipe from The Wooden Spoon is really simple and ohhhh sooo yummmy!!!!

4. Party Decor: I am making this FESTIVE BANNER for KK's 18th birthday party

It is from The Purl Bee... and it is called New Years Garland, but it is so cute, it seems like it would work for any party or holiday when you want a pop of color... How cute would it be in red and silver on a Christmas tree??

5. Collapsible Basket:  from Garnet Hill

I have one of these in red and every time I take it somewhere people ask where they can get one. I have found them at TJ Max in the past and when I do I always snatch them up for gifts, but I got mine from Garnet Hill... It is so versatile and cute... one day it's a pic-nic basket, then its a craft tote, or a basket to lug library books in, or throw it in the car to take the the farmer's market... you'll feel chic and sassy at the same time...

Well, that's my five....What are you loving this week?

Also, last night I "bit the bullet" so to speak and signed up for TWITTER...I keep hearing this is an important step for a blogger...(we'll see...) These is a cute little birdie link over there on my side bar... click it if you can't get enough of me and want to know my every inane thought...no.. I don't use them all up here... sad, I know...

PS... Don't forget about our contest and giveaway going on... there is still time to enter... pop on over here and give it your best (or worst... it's really up to you) shot!

Thanks for listening,


  1. NO WAY! My MIL was just looking for that exact basket for me THIS WEEK! She also has one (a red one:)) and really likes it. She wanted to find one for me, and I was like... "uh, I don't think I really need it, but okay". But now I will keep my eyes peeled at TJ Max!

  2. The Talapia looks delicious at the Wooden Spoon! YUM, have a great evening.

  3. Oh boy cream puffs, yum yum! Welcome to Twitter, have fun with it! :D

  4. OH the cream puffs would taste so good right now with a hot cup of tea! Great picks... the banner is so cute...it's given me and idea.
    thanks for sharing and stopping my blog :)
    happy weekend,


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