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(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday... Meme Edition

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

You guys know there was no chance for me to be "wordless" unless I go away again! 
Here are somethings that I have seen online this week and saved for one reason or another... I thought I'd share. 

This plays into my new word of the year... 2014 was "Joy", 2015 was "Real" so come back Friday to hear this year's word. 

I don't know if I have ever been as happy as this sheep but just looking at this pic makes me smile!

Our weather has been crazy this winter... Super warm and lots of rain... 
Until yesterday! 

This made me laugh way too hard... I posted it on FaceBook a few weeks back and then had to explain why I found it funny... It made me realize Goobie isn't the only quirky one around here!  

I an taking a little "time off" so to speak and this is totally how I feel about everything this week! 

I have a whole bin of lids and four containers... How????

I am sending this to a few special people today and wanted to challenge you to do the same. With all the negative, and competing and comparing the cyber world inspires I want to spread a few smiles today. Here is my challenge for you, copy this and message and/or email it to someone (or a few someones) not in tour immediate family... Let's spread a few smile together! 

Thanks for listening, 


  1. I get it! I get it! A murder of crows ;D

    And YES! What is it about the (fake) Tupperware and lids? At least once a year - and probably twice is better - I have to go through, match everything up, and get rid of the extras. This time I'm culling out anything from the dollar store. Some cheap things are great, but these... the lids don't stay on well. Not worth it.

    So glad you're back to posting... you're fabulous :D

  2. It's nice to see you back...happy new year!


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