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Mary & Martha Takes Me To Cancun...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I earned another trip!!! WooHoo!! This one was to the lovely Secrets Playa Mujeres Resort. 

Paul was not able to go with me because of issues going on at home so my good friend Alisa agreed to be my "plus 1" for the trip. Since she lives in Montana and I am in Maine we both flew to Atlanta the day before the trip to meet up. I wish I had pictures from our stay in Atlanta... We had a beautiful room and everything but the effort it takes two moms to leave home for a week was so exhausting that we both stretched out on our beds for a nap at about 3 PM and I woke up at 1 AM and turned off the lights! We had to be up by 4 AM to head to the airport anyhow so I am glad we were rested! 

It turns out Alisa does not enjoy flying so it didn't matter that we were in first class... This is how she spent most of the flight! 

But after we got through customs & immigration (we both got green lights and if you have ever traveled to Mexico you know what I mean) and found our driver she was all smiles again.

Exiting the airport in Cancun makes you feel like a sheep walking through a crowd of hungry wolves. Mary & Martha had prearranged transport for us but there are dozens and dozens of people offering you a ride, a rental car or any one of a hundred things all at once. When you finally make it out the door you are greeted by about 100 drivers holding up signs and you are supposed to find yours. 

We were waiting a few minutes for some others to arrive from our group and I snapped this picture thinking it would show the total chaos but it doesn't show any chaos at all! 

Our resort was about a 30 minute ride from the airport and we were welcomed with champagne and cool towels to freshen up... Lovely but I just wanted to get to my room and get into cooler clothing since it was about 100 degrees, humid and little breeze that first day... (The weather was much better the rest of our time there.) 

The resort was beautiful! This was looking down at the pool from our room. If you notice the building across from us you will note it is at an angle... Ours was too so we looked out over the ocean and the pool area. 

Here is Alisa on our patio... The room upgrade said it had a "private hot tub" on the balcony... Well the bathtub in the bathroom was bigger then our private hot tub. I did tell Alisa I could get in and she could hop in on my lap but she passed... {kidding folks!} 

Being a Mary & Martha trip we of course for some swag... One thing they gave each of us was this this cool tote bag. Which is really more of a business bag then a tote so it is very functional here at home too!

Our room was gorgeous and the people at the resort took very good care of us. They greeted us with wine and apples... We had a mini bar in the room that was complimentary so we were happy to find lots of bottled water. 

The first night Mary & Martha had a reception for us and it was lovely. So fun catching up with all my M&M peeps!

Here I am with Kathy from Virginia and Anne from Tennessee...

That night set the tone for what it seemed like we did every moment we were not by the pool or on the beach... Eat! It is an all-inclusive resort and they have several restraints to choose from so there was a great deal of discussion as to what and where people would eat each meal! 

Here we are at the French restaurant. At the head of the table next to me is Dawn who is my corporate mentor and friend. She is amazing and I could do a whole post about just her! In the pink on the lower left is Kim our new national sales director and the poor lone gentleman is Mike who is the GM of Mary & Martha. (Quite a few of the ladies brought their husbands but on this night there was a big "game" going on so many of the guys went to the sports bar for that.) 

The next several pictures are of the now necessary pictures of food and eating experiences...

Fajitas for lunch... and Marsha from corporate joining the band!

Soup at the french restaurant... French onion top and potato leek bottom. 

These were from the traditional Mexican restaurant we ate at one night.

I kept meaning to take pictures of each meal but usually would be halfway through it before I would remember and nobody wants to see that!

Of course, being a resort there were nightly shows so we tried to go to those too...

The "Fire" show and...

the "rock and roll circus" were the only ones I took photos at...

Everything was included at this resort, including drinks... I don't usually drink much but when it's an open bar all the time it is tempting. Alisa doesn't drink at all but I did enjoy some myself. After all, there are few things better then tropical mixed drinks by the pool or your favorite beverage in the evening... You don't have to drive anywhere since they had drivers and carts always standing by so I did have a good time. 

We also had a spa day that was amazing. Alisa & I relaxed around their private hydro therapy pool then I had a message and she had a wrap or scrub or something... Then we both did this...

Yes, we had hundreds of tiny fish eat the dead skin off our feet and legs!

It was totally crazy but I have heard about this for years and totally wanted to try it. To answer your questions... 
1. Yes it felt weird
2. No it didn't hurt... It felt like they were just bumping against us.
3. Yes, it totally worked, my feet and legs were baby skin smooth.
4. No, I don't think I'd do it again (but you never know...)

This is what I mostly did while there...

My favorite parts were all hanging out around the pool or over meals with friends and relaxing and visiting! 

I totally love these ladies... They "get" me in a way I have rarely experienced in my life! 
With my Mary & Martha business I joined because I love the beautiful products. I started to get serious because I could see the potential for this business. But, I stay for the sisterhood. I have found "my people"... Women who "get" me. Most the leaders are strong, business minded, determined, focused, and authentic. And even though we all go to different kinds of churches and different denominations all of us love the Lord and that is amazing. Because in the end it doesn't matter if we go to "mass" or "service" or if we are baptist or pentecostal, the fact that we all love the Lord is what knits our hearts together!

On the final night Mary & Martha threw us a goodbye party on the beach and it was truly AMAZING! We ate and laughed..

(Here is a picture of all the leaders who earned the trip)

and danced the night away. We were silly, and laughing, and singing, and it was hard to let the night end.

So on our final morning we watched the sun rise...

I lamented my sunburn... 
(We were both bright red and sore by day five!) 


But it was over too soon... It was time to get back to reality. I am happy to report I did not have any food related stomach issues people tend to get on these trips. I was ultra careful... Only bottled water (even for brushing my teeth) and no raw fruit or veggies that didn't have a rind or peel... I was probably over cautious but it worked... So yay! 

Thanks for listening,

Time Flies...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Twenty-four years ago this week these two fresh faced kids said "I Do"

I am pretty sure we had no idea what we were agreeing to beyond that we were going to face what ever it was together. 

I think that was enough at the time.

We are not "fresh faced" anymore but I would say that "I Do" all over. 

Unfortunately I have had a stomach virus most of this week. But don't feel too sorry for me. I know I have mentioned before, but we have a resort right here in the town we live in. I have hosted events there, used their spa and pools, eaten many meals and even had out of town guests stay there but have never spent the night there ourselves... 

So, for our anniversary we treated ourselves to a little "stay-cation"

This does seem like a nice spot to recuperate and unwind... Don't you agree? 

Thanks for listening,

Moving Mountains...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Okay, before I continue, let me just acknowledge that I am the world's worst blogger... I post once a month at best and read all of your blogs the same way... Late at night I will click over and scroll down your blogs until I get to the last one I read and sit there and read them in order until I catch up. This is a crazy method and means I feel way too "stalker-ish"to comment except on the latest post or two... Yes, I am nuts... Especially since I still consider myself a blogger! 

Anyhow... I was asked to speak on the Mary & Martha Leader call this past week and usually if I do that I will do a training or share some tips or something really business related but that is not what the Lord put on my heart... Since it is literally the first thing I have written in forever I thought I'd share it here too... 

(Disclaimer: I changed the ending slightly since it didn't really pertain to a wider audience the Mary & Martha Leaders, but keep in mind as you read this that is who I was writing it toward. Hopefully you get something out of it too.)

I have struggled for two weeks now to know what to share with you today. It sounds easy… Share your big picture… But which “big picture” did I want to share, and was what I wanted to share, what the Lord wanted me to share? Every time I sat down to write I would have such a hard time focusing I would give up and when I would come back later and see what I wrote it was clear I was on the wrong track every time. 

Why was I so distracted and had so little focus you ask? Well 15 days ago I gave up all processed sugar. I did it because I finally believed I could… My exact thought was “if I put even 25% of the focus I put into my business into feeling better and getting healthy I can’t lose” so I quietly chose what I thought would have the biggest impact on my health but also what I knew would be one of the hardest steps because if I could succeed in that area, then the rest would seem easier. Well, It has been horrible, and amazing… Horrible because I realize how physically and mentally dependent I was on sugar but amazing because each day I literally have dozens of successes… Each time I say no to a craving I prove to myself that something I have believed for over twenty years now is wrong. I prove to myself that I DO have the “will power” to succeed and conquer my health and food issues. Instead of telling myself that everyone in my family is over weight and that this is just my lot in life, day by day, hour by hour I could see that there might be a light at the end of this tunnel and I just might be healthier one day.

That is what the Lord kept leading me back to… Who do YOU believe you are? In Jeremiah 1:5 it says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” I don’t believe I was appointed a prophet of nations but I do believe the Lord knew me from before the womb and it doesn’t matter what this world has told me about who I am. This world will fill us full of lies about ourselves. But the Lord truly knows who I am and he made me in his own image, a special part of the body with unique gifts to serve the body and through that service, to serve him.

When I came to Mary & Martha I believed a lot of things. Over the years I have tried several direct sales companies and would experience success for awhile but never could really get things going and one to two years in (or less) the business would fizzle and I would be done. I believed I didn’t have what it takes to succeed in direct sales. Also, when I signed up for Mary & Martha nobody in Maine was selling it so I believed that since there were so few believers here (fewer per capita then anywhere else in the US) there must not be a market for Mary & Martha here. Imagine my surprise when I host my first real party and out of fifteen people there eight book parties and two decide to join that night. In the next few days two more ladies joined. I got a call from Lanette telling me that if I had another $300 in sales that month I would promote. I had just joined… Is this really happening? At that moment a belief barrier in my life fell. But I have to admit I still had my doubts… When I spoke to Amy Mullins the first time and she asked what I was doing to get so many bookings and I shared my mug incentive and she thought it was such a good idea she asked me to share it on a national call. Me!!! Maybe, just maybe I am good at this job. The more confidence I gained in my ability to do this job the more belief barriers fell. I set goals, prayed about them and achieved them, time after time. Each small failure was a learning experience that led to greater successes. At national conference I broke through a belief barrier I had about sponsoring and since July of last year I have personally sponsored or aided in the sponsoring of over 20 team members. Imagine in nine months going from believing you can’t do something to successfully doing it over 20 times! 

Even though I now had a growing team, I still doubted my ability to truly lead them. We all get along great but was I making an impact? I had my doubts… Then CARE forwarded me this email they received from a team member in response to the aspiring leader boot camp. It’s short so I will read it to you: 

Hi Care Team!!

My name is Kristen E******n and I would like to be in this boot camp because I want to learn how to make the most out of this business. I have an amazing leader- Rebecca Dorobis, who has really inspired me and I was able to sign my first consultant just outside of my great start period (I unfortunately didn’t earn any of my great starts but I have been working really hard since!)

Rebecca has been an amazing wealth of knowledge and I know that with her support and the right paths and opportunities, I too can grow my business. I need to learn as much as I can from anyone willing to share their knowledge so that I can be successful in this business. I believe this is an opportunity that I can not afford to pass up!

Thank you for all that you do!

There is was, in black and white, from a new team member… Someone who barely knows me so she had no motivation of friendship to flatter me. In fact, when I told her how touched I was to read her note she told me she didn’t think I was ever going to see it, but she is glad I did, because since Mary & Martha and I have come into her life she feels so much more confident and loves being part of our team.

We as believers put our faith, our belief in Jesus. We trust him for our salvation. We believe in God the father and we trust in his creation and his promises, and we believe in the Holy Spirit, and his ability to move us, inspire us and be the still small voice we hear in the darkness but do we believe in ourselves? After all we were created, he knew us before we were knit in the womb, he called us to Mary & Martha. You are not a leader here by accident. In proverbs 31 where it describes the excellent woman so many of the passages perfectly describe us Mary & Martha leaders. Which leads me back to my belief that I didn’t have the will power to give up sugar. I don’t, but through the Lord I do, and even though there are times the cravings make me nuts, I can turn to prayer and succeed for another hour, another day, another week and hopefully soon I can say another month. Mark 11: 23 & 24 says “Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” 

Dear Sisters, I ask you, what belief mountain do you need to move today? Lets not keep them to ourselves, lets share them, lets pray for each other, we can conquer these mountains together with the help of the Lord. Let’s be real with each other and knock so many of these belief barriers down there is an audible sound from them falling. 

Thank you for listening,

Snowed In...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

 It's March... And not much has changed in my neck of the woods...

As I am sure you have heard on the evening news by now, New England is having one of the snowiest winters on record. Here in our little home town we have had well over 100" of snow and most of it since mid-January. 

This is what over SIX FEET of snow looks like in my front yard... That rail you see there is over my head when I am standing on the ground in front of it. Most of this snow came in blizzard after blizzard, storm after storm... Separated by about three days. Our lives for the second half of January and all of February went like this: Day 1 Snowstorm keeping us home, Day 2 Dig out/Snowed in, Day 3 Freedom, Day 4 Repeat. There was occasionally some variation as in it snowed for two days once (we got over 2') and it took us two days to dig out, but it was pretty much every 3-4 days we got a major storm. 

This is how I feel...

It has slowed down a little bit now that March is here... It has snowed a couple times so far this month but it was 6" or less each time. I am hopeful I will be able to back out of my driveway without feeling like a kamikaze pilot since I literally can no longer see past the snow banks, at some point this month. I want spring so bad it hurts. I love snow but too much of a good thing will wear you down fast! 

There is good news... I have once again earned the Mary & Martha Incentive Trip and will be jetting to Cancun, Mexico at the end of April. 

In about 50 days I will be here for an all expense paid vacation for two!! I even get $1000 spending cash! 

This resort just opened in November of 2014 and since I earned it at the highest level we will be staying in one of their luxury suites. WooHoo! Look at the conspicuous lack of SNOW!!! 

This is the THIRD incentive trip I have earned in the last 19 months since I started with Mary & Martha! I also have gotten to go on THREE other business trips to San Antonio, TX, Kansas City, MO & Fayetteville, AR! Yes, that is SIX trips in 19 months!! When I joined in the late summer of 2013 I was just hoping to earn enough to buy their dishes for my family! I never in my wildest dreams imagined this would happen. Don't get me wrong, I work extremely hard, but the fruits of this labor are so much sweeter then I could have ever dreamed! 

If you want more information or want to join my team, just let me know! 

I am off to dream of palm trees and the green grass in that one photo... Oh how I miss grass!!!

(PS. I updated my "About Me" tab up there if you want to take a peek... I'd love some feedback!)

Thanks for listening,


Monday, February 23, 2015

Right now I am alone... Totally alone at home... For the first time since December. 

It happened accidentally. A family friend took my mother out to see my step-father at the nursing home. Paul took Katy & baby to run some errands and I am totally, blissfully alone. I turned off the TV and am basking in the sweet symphony of quiet. All I can hear is the furnace and occasional car drive by... I have to tell you, I lead a crazy busy life and I LOVE it, but there are times that silence is truly golden!

Thanks for listening,

A Random Allison Update...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

 Tonight as I was chatting on the phone with my sweet Allison, I realized it had been awhile since I had given you guys an update on her life in Montana...

I figured I would swipe use some of her Facebook photos and share a few quotes from tonight's phone call to catch you all up to date... That's why I am calling it a "random" update since the quotes have nothing to do with the photos... 

"Seriously Mom, the hardest thing about being an adult is the choices. I mean the ones between right and wrong and good and bad are simple it's all the choosing between things that are equal that is enough to give you a panic attack. Do I come home, go camping with friends in Moab or just stay here for spring break? Do I change my major or just go undeclared for awhile? Do I live in the dorms or move in with friends off campus next year? There is no clear answer to these."

"Why is it that the guys I don't have any interest in pursue me like crazy, but the ones I do like don't seem at all interested... No wait... It's more like I run from them... Hahaha...  Ughhh..."

"I can't decide if he's has a warped sense of humor or just not a nice person... Seriously, be nice dude!"

"The weirdest thing happened... I saw a girl on campus who looked just like someone I went to high school with. She was a year ahead of me but in most of my classes junior year, but she was studying overseas so I thought I was just seeing things. Then she messaged me, and it was her. That's THREE people from my tiny high school in Maine going to Montana State. What are the chances?"

Allison:"...so he just showed up at my door and said, "You are a really nice girl, and I really like you but I don't want to put up with your christian baggage" and I was just like "okay..." 
Me: Isn't he the boy you went on one date with and then had the "let's be friends" talk with last semester?
Allison: Yes... Ughhh... Hahahahaha
Me: Well at least he's cute.
Allison: You're not helping mom.

"I am at the point of the semester where you literally can't get ahead... You know, you work, and work and work and finish all your assignments just in time for the next batch to be due... It's ridiculous."

(and my personal favorite) 
"I love you Mommy... I'll call later on."

(PS. Those last three shots were from their "girls only" Valentine's party.) 

Thanks for listening,

My Cinderella Story...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I got this a few days before my trip to Mary & Martha's Leadership Conference. 
I love receiving these little luggage tags in the mail since it means big fun is in store!

This year we were headed to the DaySpring headquarters in Northwest Arkansas. I am sure it is very pretty there most of the year but in January it was kind of blah looking. That being said, it was in the 50s and sunny most of the time so I'll take blah for a few days of warm! 

I wanted to create a big gesture for the ladies in my up-line & our particular branch of the family tree, so I surprised them at the airport with this little number!

It was a lot of fun and a few of them had never been in a limo so we all felt special! 

The theme of this years event is "The Big Picture" and I will share what my big picture was in a later post.

This group of ladies were all part of a "rising stars" program and we all worked hard and cheered each other on. They are a very special group of ladies!! 

I loved how they used our products as centerpieces! 

The new guide with yours truly's quote on page 14! 

I felt like such a Rockstar all weekend then this happened...

My true cinderella moment...

There are very few awards and most of the women who win them have been doing this a long time and have multimillion dollar teams...

So when they called my name nobody was as surprised as I was.

It turns out that I had the 3rd highest personal sales in the entire company! 

I have only been with Mary & Martha a year and half so to get called up for an award was HUGE... I didn't know wether to cry, laugh, or concentrate on my body shaper that chose that moment to decide to not stay put... But that's another story for another day! 

I decided to be in the moment! 

This is Kathy and this was her Cinderella weekend too.. We have become good friends so it was amazing to share this with her! 

It was one of the most amazing weekends of my life and was over in a blink.

Unfortunately because of the award I had other obligations and didn't get a chance to meet up with Conny... Boo!! But I will be back in that area again so I will purposely schedule an extra day next time! 

Thanks for listening,