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About Me

See that crazy woman on the left? That's me... 
I thought I was smiling when the photographer shot this...
If you have seen and read enough, I totally understand!
Beware, I am big on keeping it real... Here is my real life!

Hello, I am Rebecca, a 40 something wife, mother, grandmother (or Gigi) who currently lives on the coast of Maine. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and try desperately to follow him, stumbling all the way. My life (like everyone's) has been full of twist & turns... Most of mine have been hair pin turns! Here is the cliff notes bio of my journey so far...

I grew up in the house where we currently live. I have not lived here all my life though, we moved back to Maine in 2010 to take care of my aging and ailing parents. We have also lived in Tennessee, Vermont, Montana, New Jersey & California. (Not in that order, and some places twice!) 

I eloped at 18... We only dated a week before we got engaged and that was 24 years ago... The Lord has preserved our marriage even when we were young and foolish. (Versus middle age and hopefully slightly less foolish!) We had our first daughter, Katy eleven months after we said "I do" then Allison three years after that. I homeschooled both of them, Katy through graduation and Allison until her sophomore year. Katy & her daughter (who for the sake of this blog) I will call Goobie currently lives with us. Her short marriage ended in late 2014 and I will get around to sharing some of the details when we are all ready for it to be public. Allison currently attends college out west and we miss her terribly. My daughters & I are extremely close and I am blessed by these amazing relationships.

I am a plus sized woman trying to navigate a world where thin is worshipped like a god. I know a lot of people judge me by my outside before they know anything about me and this does hurt. I yo-yo dieted for years, each time ending up heavier then when I began. I still struggle with body image (like most women), some days worse then others but for the most part I have decided to stop hating my body and live my amazing life.

I currently work in direct sales for the DaySpring owned Mary & Martha as an independent consultant. I signed up on a whim in the late summer of 2013 and it has been one of the biggest blessings outside of family I have had in my life. I LOVE my job and since I get to work from home & set my own schedule I can still care for my mother and really be here for my family. I have been on numerous trips, broken a couple company records and am currently the 3rd highest seller in the company! WooHoo! 

It's a wild ride I am on and I am loving every minute of it! I started this blog in January of 2010 as a kind of online conversation and way to chronicle this crazy life. I write each post as if I am sitting down having coffee with you and telling you what is going on in my life. I have had the honor of meeting some of the bloggy friends I have made on here and they have become close friends and hope to meet more. This bloggy world is an amazing way to connect with amazing people! 

Thank you for dropping by... Be sure to introduce yourself in the comments!

Thanks for listening,

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