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Amaryllis... I love you....

Monday, March 1, 2010

This year at Christmas I bought myself and a friend of mine one of those cute little amaryllis kits they always sell at Target around the holidays... For several years now I have been hinting to the girlies that this would be a good, inexpensive gift but alas no flowers for mommy.... So this year I bought it... put a bow on it and stuck it under the tree... When my family asked where it came from, I told them Santa, because he must really love me... This was received with eye rolls, but I don't care... it was in a sassy silver pot and I was excited to start it.  I thought Id get one pretty red bloom... and about fifteen days later I did get a pretty bloom... I took this picture to show you, but never got around to it... since I had so many more important things to tell you.. (stop rolling your eyes like that... we're friends...) Here's what it looked like...

Ohhh... flowers in this grey winter... just look out the window behind it... I was so happy. This picture was taken on January 12th.... since then it has bloomed... and bloomed.... and bloomed... here we are on March first and it is still blooming! We are on the fourth stem... each stem that had grown had bloomed three times... This one is blooming for the first time...

Guess what I saw this morning... a fifth stem coming up out of the bulb! I know you are all thinking... so what... and this is all probably common for amaryllis, but I have no experience with them and thought I'd get one or two blooms and that would be it... this flower blooming continuously for a month an a half has been such a blessing to me... It has been a particularly grey winter and having a flower greet me everyday.. such a joy.

Thanks for listening,


  1. beautiful, rebecca!

    i can't even grow something as simple as that. i tried. i'm glad kids are more hardy than flowers.

    thanks for the wristy, key chain thingy! LOVE IT!!!

  2. So pretty! And I love that you bought it for yourself as Santa, I did that for myself too haha.

  3. It's beautiful! I'll definitely have to remember to ask Santa *cough myself* to get one of these beauties next year.

    I loooove it! Thanks for sharing the pics, too!


  4. It does look really beautiful! I'm looking forward to Spring to see more beautiful colors and flowers!

    Thank you so much for the key ring! Love it LOTS!

  5. The amaryllis I've had have all bloomed once and died. Who knew the hardy bulbs were at Target? Nice!


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