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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Name the big purple dino that sings that song.... He knows me a little too well....

I have shared a lot of my embarrassing moments in the past, purely for your amusement... The following story is not only embarrassing, but possibly upsetting... if you are easily offended please stop reading and scroll down to yesterday's craft post.... seriously, this post is not for the squeamish...

I can't believe you are still reading....

Quite a while ago (maybe late summer 1997) while we were living in Montana and were starving college students we lived in a mobile home park (no, that's not the offencive part... you are such a snob...lol). We were both going to school full time at Montana State University and the Axeman was working part time. We were mostly living off our financial aid and his veteran's educational benefits. We were not exactly living the high-life...we didn't even have a home phone, and would walk around the corner to the payphone to make calls.
There was a large park in the middle of our mobile home park and all the streets radiated from there. (It was a really nice one as mobile home parks go... everyone owned their homes and we all had nice yards ect...) The phone was around the corner and on the far side of the park from our home. So it was a little walk and we would often do rock/paper/scissors to see who had to make the hike.
It was hot that weekend... like HOT..HOT... over 100 degrees and humid... which rarely happens in that part of Montana... We had been eating sandwiches, hot pockets, and salads for a couple days, because if you have ever lived in a mobile home you'd know the one thing you don't do is turn on the oven in 100 degree heat... the whole place turns into a furnace... The axeman & I were tired cold and microwave foods and decided it was time to splurge and order a pizza. I lost at rock/paper/scissors, but insisted I couldn't go... I had been wearing something like this all day:

Long, loose tee-shirt fabric... perfect for 100 degree heat and perfect for someone out of clean undies... yep you read that right... The other thing you never do in a mobile-home in 100 degree heat is run the dryer... so I was going commando, in my own home, on a weekend.... but now my husband wanted me to leave the safety of our four walls... Darn you rock... I'm sure in the real world you could kick paper's butt.. The Axeman  wouldn't budge, and laughed at me... he assured me it could be our little secret... So I threw on some flip-flops and off to the phone I headed...
As I approached the park I noticed there was a birthday party going on... a bunch of little kids were sitting at a pick-nick table facing away from me with various adults standing around also with their backs turned to me... the only one facing my direction was some poor soul in a Barney costume doing a little dance to some music playing from a boom-box...


 As I moved into the clearing to head across the park to the phone a strong wind whipped by and whipped up my dress... not just a little... it practically flew off my body... As I fought the wind and got my dress down I noticed Barney was now frozen mid dance staring in my direction... Yes, I full frontal-ed some poor schmo in a Barney costume... (And I am pretty sure from his perspective, it may have look like I whipped my own dress up...)

I turned around and RAN home... If the axeman wanted pizza he was going to have to go order it! I am just really glad the kids were facing the other way...

Thanks for listening,

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  1. Hahaha! Oh, that was AWESOME! I bet you made that poor dinosaur's day! Imagine how hot he was in that horrible purple costume, and there he was dancing in front of a bunch of children and hating life. Then, he gets the thrill of his life, thanks to YOU! Fantastic!!

  2. HA HA HA HA HA That's great! BUT I bet that poor Barney was probably so hot he was on the verge of passing out and was sure he was seeing things. LOL

    BTW, My oldest was born in Montana in 1997...strange isn't it...all the things we have in common???

  3. ROFL!!!!! BA HA HAHAHAHAHA!!!! What an adventure, yeah just imagine the poor Barney in costume WHEW! He was hot, probably even got hotter! :-) lololol oh the things we remember. I hope Sew Knit's son was not at that party, but like you said... thank goodness they were looking the other way. Have a wonderful day, Marilyn Monroe!

  4. That is so funny. I often wonder who these people are that dress up in animal suits :-)

  5. wow. oh wow. i would've died right on the spot. and then i wouldn't have been able to run away! so better you than me :) tha nks for sharing your story... brave, brave girl!

  6. I'm pretty sure this is going to be the best thing I read all day. Hysterical!

    I'm thnking the purple dino probably was commando as well...100 degree heat and a costume like that? Yeah.

  7. OMG! That is hilarious! I was laughing through the whole post! Thanks for cheering me up!

  8. Hysterical! I'm guessing Barney wasn't too scarred by the experience. :-)

  9. I am dyin' over here! lol

  10. Wow! I think all these comments before pretty much sum up of my thoughts on this! lol!

  11. Wahahahaha.



    Sorry, still laughing. It could have been worse, it could have been all those kids...I'm imagining something like the scene in Napoleon Dynamite when the schoolbus full of children sees the farmer shoot the cow...oh man, thanks for the laugh!

  12. Oh. my. stars. That is the best story ever. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Barney deserves what he gets for annoying the crap out of me the summer I babysat for a living . . . ;)

  13. This is just too funny! You know that was probably the highlight of that particular Barney's career!

  14. Can't.stop.laughing!!

    I love your stories--you are hilarious honey!

  15. Oh My GOSH!!! That is so funny. I'm glad I have you for my entertainment and that you are so willing to share. I just love you!! LOLOLOL


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