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Musings & Owies....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

First off... I am sorry there are no "Spark Notes" this week... It is partially my fault... Apparently I was a little assignment happy this week.

Back during out Christmas break we took an extra week off and I told the girlies that meant no spring break.... It is easy to make the deal in the moment, but now that all their friends were on spring break, it was hard to "pay the piper."

How does that affect Spark Notes you ask? Well, Sparky had two big assignments due this week and since she wanted to spend her "off" time goofing off with friends, she didn't write her post. How is this my fault you ask?.... Silly you, you must not be the mother of a teenage girl... everything is mom's fault... lets look at her logic, shall we...
 I didn't give her a "lighter" work load this week, even though I knew it was spring break... I didn't excuse her from a days worth of work for the day I went to Nashville prom dress shopping with her sister... (mind you, her sister did her work in advance so she could have a free day... ahhh the difference in maturity between 15 & 18 is great...) I expected her to be ready for her Biology test by noon on Friday, even though she didn't have time to review on the a fore mentioned shopping day.... I assigned a book two weeks ago and only gave her two weeks to read the whole thing and write a report... and I not only didn't make time in her daily school schedule for reading this book, so she had to read it in her free time... I also made that report due on the Friday of "everyone in the world's spring break"... To top it off I won't give her extra credit for her blog posts unless she will turn in a rough draft by Thursday.... (I know, I'm a horrible mom.... poor girl....)  Oh, and I grounded her from the computer this morning for unrelated reasons... I am a ogre...

On a completely different subject, I failed my US Olympic gymnastic team trials last night.... (ok... that was hyperbole...) We had a Homeschool Teen Group movie night last night. We had it at my new co-leader's home and although I have been there a few times as we were leaving at 10:45 PM last night I missed a step on her walk way and stumbled... and when my left foot hit the damp grass I went down into a full split! (I wish that part was hyper-bole...) Here is the thing... I am not exactly in shape (unless you count "round" as a shape), but even when I was in shape I could not do a split. I am ok... no real injuries (except I ruined one of my favorite shoes...) but I pulled muscles in places I wasn't aware I had muscles... I am in a lot of "owie" today... I am limping around like I need a walker... I am the speaker at a large homeschool support group on Monday and am coordinating the Homeschool prom which is next Friday.... I may need that walker if I don't heal fast!

Well, I guess that's it for now...  sorry I rambled on so much...

Thanks for listening,


  1. Girlfriend, I just came home from an amazing day of awesome worship! Read your post and couldn't help but laugh (not for your pain) I will say a prayer for you that your pain is minimal and recovery quick. Get some rest. Love and hugs, let me know if I can help you with something. I am having surgery on my neck sometime this week.

  2. Oh no, honey! That sounds really painful!!

    Hoping you feel better soon. {{hugs}}

  3. Oh wow! I'm so sorry you slipped! I'm in pain just imagining it! Thanks for visitng my blog earlier!

  4. OUCH! Hope you're feeling better today!
    "Silly you, you must not be the mother of a teenage girl... everything is mom's fault..."
    I hear you on this one for sure!!! This works for teenage boys too.

  5. I must ask if the teen daughters witnessed your gymnastic routine?

    Did they a) rush to your aid, b) have commentary or c) pretend you were not their mother? I have daughters : )

    Hoping there is no need for the walker!

  6. Ouch!! I hope you heel up quickly...prayers all around.

  7. Are you able to get around all right? Hope nothing is seriously injured. Tell Sparky I missed her input this week.


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