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Not Me Monday

Monday, March 8, 2010

Here it is Monday and it's time to "deny" some stuff...

Let's take a look at what I have not done this week....

I have not been doing a bunch of crafting lately... even though I am way busy.

I have not gotten behind in correcting the girlies school work because of this crafting.

I have not completely neglected all housework because of this crafting.

I do not currently have a thick layer of dust on every surface in our home.

My craft supplies have not completely taken over the dining room.

I have not encouraged my family to just eat in front of the TV since the table is buried.

I have not let my girlies take their dinner to their rooms to eat since they don't want to watch news.

I have not supplemented my menu with three take-out meals and freezer pizza because I was too busy crafting to finish grocery shopping. (or cook)

The back of my vehicle is not still full of the boxes I loaded into it last weekend to take to storage.

On a positive note... I have had fun... it has been like a mini craft vacation... and my family has humored me... but I think their grace may be wearing thin... time to pack up some of my mess and get back to reality....

Wanna play along? Pop over to MckMama and join the denial fun...
Thanks for listening,


  1. LOL!!! I guess you "don't" like crafts!

  2. HAHAHA!!! That was too funny! Glad I stopped by today and found someone whose stuff takes over the kitchen table as well forcing eating to happen at the couch!
    Great post!

  3. BTW....I have been playing with that little hamster over there for 10 minutes. Thanks for the distraction.

  4. Oopps. I think I overfed him. I hope he doesn't die.

  5. Good job on the Not me post! I am always so confused!

  6. Haha LOVE. I often have us just eat on the couch due to an overcrowded table. This weekend I finally got around to cleaning though,...it'd been so long I think I forgot what the table looked like! ;)

  7. I have not encouraged my family to just sit in front of the TV, even though my table isn't buried by crafts! At least you have an artistic reason.

  8. Hehe! I love the eating out one. But only because that definitely did not occur last week...



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