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Not so Wordless Wednesday...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have had this horrible stomach virus that is going around...

I haven't been able to get comfortable for the last 24 hours...

 Lying down... sitting up... propped halfway... nothing works...

Then I walk into the family room this morning and see this....

That's just wrong....

I don't think I've ever been that comfortable...

Thanks for listening,


  1. you're right. plain wrong. but cute nonetheless.

  2. I think everyone has had some version of this current viral epidemic. Hope you bounce back soon. Oh, and no human has ever been or ever will be as comfortable as that cat.

  3. I'm sorry! I hate being sick! I hope you get better soon.

  4. lol.. loving the pic... I hope you get to feeling better soon ;-)

  5. cute picture!! fell better soon

  6. I look at the flu as being a step closer to my goal weight. Feel better soon. You just need to knock that cat off his pedastal.

  7. Hi..I saw you on Friday Follow..if you would like to follow me back I'd appreciate it


  8. Awe! Makes me miss having a cat.

    I hope you feel better quickly.

  9. Adorableness!

    And I hope you start feeling better and soon, hun!

  10. Ooooooh feel better! Being sick is the worst.

  11. That picture is absolutely Adorable! I was sick on friday with a BADDDDDDD stomach thingy while in VA at my dad's! NOT fun when the entire family is visiting and I had driven 12 hours to see them. Hope you feel better. Hugs, pam


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