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Friday, October 1, 2010

I hate strongly dislike those who write computer viruses and think they should be shot publicly flogged!

Yep, they got me... and good... I need to take my poor laptop to the repairman Monday... Sad.... I have fun fall photos trapped in my camera... I have lots to say, but alas I will be offline most of the next week. There are three other laptops in the house, so I may get to drop by quickly to say "Hi" on your blogs... Otherwise I am at the mercy of my forced, tech-free lifestyle... I think I'll do some shopping, and some "leaf peeping" and apple picking, and who knows what else... But it will be fun!

Take that stinky virus writers!!

Thanks for listening,
Rebecca D.

PS: You stinky virus writers owe me $289.65... I accept check or money order...


  1. WAIT! Before you spend that money... As I told you earlier this week, my computer was in just terrible condition with malware, spyware, viruses... you name it. My son came by and saved my documents folder, in which I keep my good stuff like pictures, music and documents, onto his computer. Then, he just reinstalled the system software that came with the computer when we bought it. Now it runs like a new! I had to reinstall a few other programs, reload my documents folder, re-authorize my i-tunes.. bada bing, bada boom... done. Malware- gone!

    Either way... good luck!

  2. I agree! They should be flogged. A friend of mine with cancer had her entire computer crash after visiting a site on cancer treatment options. Seriously, what sort of sickko puts a virus into a cancer treatment site??

    Hope yours is cleaned up without too much trouble!

  3. Oh bummer. That is SO AGGRAVATING!

    Hope you're up and running again soon,


  4. Yes.
    Flog them.
    Go get em, tiger!

  5. Dude! Ew! Had this happen two months ago. NOT happy. Sorry. :(

  6. Hello? Are you still being attacked by those meanie-virus-es?


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