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Not Cool...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret... I'm not cool... Oh, wait, you already knew that didn't you? Here's the thing... I kinda like being uncool!

It's the "cool" mom who shops in the same clothing stores as her teenager. Not me... I wear my mom "uniform" which most days consists of khakis and a v-neck tee shirt...(99% of the time I don't even wear make-up.)

"Cool" parents buy their kids beer... Even though I am not opposed to the consumption of alcohol in moderation by adults, the hardest thing I will ever buy the teens who hang out here is coke. (When it's on sale... Otherwise it's lemonade from a mix!) I'm so uncool...

I'm not one of the "cool" bloggers... I don't always have something funny to say... My blog doesn't even seem to have a theme... (Other then excessive use of the ellipsis...) I am not a DIY blogger... Oh, I do lots of projects, but rarely remember to take before pictures... I am not a food blogger... I love to cook, but no to write about it... I don't have a fancy house I'm decorating so I'm not a decorating blogger... I love reading craft blogs, but really where do they find the time to do all this stuff? I just write whatever pops into my head... Is there a category for that?... wait, I know... "Uncool Blogger"... I don't have a cool custom design... Don't get me wrong, I want one, it's just not in the budget. I'm not gonna win a "bloggy" award or be asked to be a guest poster on someone else's blog...

I'm not even a very "cool" christian... I don't have and or want tattoos (not that I'm opposed to them, just not for me)... I didn't get rid of my TV because it's a "waste of time"... (Instead I use it to watch way too many sci-fi shows and hours of crab fishing...)  I don't play an instrument or anything that would tip me in the "cool" direction... A lot of the time I never know who people are talking about when they mention an author or musian... I don't win souls for the Lord everywhere I go or travel to exotic locations spreading his word... I wish I did, but my calling is smaller...

This isn't a big complaint... You see I LOVE my uncool life! I love that even though I am not the "cool" mom my girlies and all their friends want to hang out here... with me. They are always asking me to join them around the fire pit or to go places with them. I love blogging and I love you guys who read this and even hung with me during my absence... You are the best... (Seriously, I am raising my glass of generic, powdered lemonade "drink" in your honor!) I love being a Christian... I love the Lord and don't care who knows it, and even though I am pretty sure I won't be at the "cool table" in the cafeteria in heaven, at least I know I will be there and that's ok with me...

I do want to be cool... (except the beer thing... are those parents nuts???) but alas I don't think I will be anytime soon... It's ok... I'm cool with that!

Thank for listening,


  1. Huh...I think you're cool...but I'm kind of a dork. :o)

  2. Hey, can I join the club? I'm not very cool either, in fact, I'm tragically UNhip ;D

    What you said about having a smaller calling really resonated. But you know, smaller doesn't mean lesser. It may just mean more focused. I feel that way about my family. They really need me - wife and mom - more than some ministry needs me. Love this quote:

    We cultivate a very small field for Christ but we love it, knowing that God does not require great achievements, but a heart that holds back nothing for self.
    St. Philippine Duchesne

    I'm cool with that ;D


  3. I love this post, and I love how "uncool" you are. I'm uncool too.

  4. I too am uncool!! We should have a club! But really... who has the time? :o)

  5. Love this! I'm so uncool too, and that's ok!


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