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The Confession...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's time I confess something to y'alls... I have a guilty pleasure... Something I'm kinda embarrassed about... Something I have been doing for over a year now... Something I hurry and hide should anyone drop by...

You see I am totally addicted to... (Ohhh... this is harder then I thought...) Here goes...

I can't stop reading Beverly Lewis' Amish fiction...

There... I said it... Please don't judge me...

See, I'm kinda a book snob... I didn't realise this about myself until one day a little over a year ago. Just before we left Tennessee a friend gave me a box of books she was done reading. The box went onto the truck as is, I didn't even peek inside... You can imagine my surprise that under the top layer of books was about a dozen of these books. I immediately called her and teased her. She claimed these were her mother-in-laws, but she did say "Don't be such a book snob, they are a quick, fun read..." (Mother-in-law's huh??) 

I planned to drop these off at the Goodwill, but Paul suggested I donate them to a church library or assisted living / nursing home. So I put them aside until last July (2010) when I realised I was completely out of books to read... (I am always reading something... I have to in order to fall asleep.) I was looking at the books I'd already read, but was uninspired when Paul dug out that box of books...

I told him I wasn't interested, but bed time came and I really needed something to read so I grabbed book one of a series... How bad could it be? After a mild ribbing from Paul I announced we were taking a trip to Goodwill tomorrow for new reading material, but for one night how bad could they be?

That was all it took... I was hooked. Sure the plot lines were simple and at times plodding, but the character lines were rich and well formed. Sure by book two I saw a plot pattern that I still see in nearly every book, but they are, well, sweet. I tend to take a break between series, but I do find myself going back to these books. I have found myself reading them all summer... They are fun summer reads... Easy, light, and fun... I even (gulp) ordered several from Amazon to have an ample supply.

There I said it... Please don't think less of me.

Thanks for listening,

PS. This confession is not a review, or endorsement... I most certainly didn't receive anything for writing this... I did pop over to Beverly Lewis' site and borrow pictures of a few of her many books... and I may still hide them when company comes over, but maybe not...


  1. I had no idea!! LOL I love Amish fiction. I find it inspiring, refreshing, and yes, sweet. I read everything I can get my hands on.

  2. I am shocked! LOL Not really, I've read a few of her books and they are nice for an easy fun read. I really love Deeanne Gist and Julie Klassen...not Amish and not always "light" but very good.

  3. Hmm, never heard of these. Maybe I'll check them out. Maybe...... :)

  4. I admit... I'm kind of a book snob myself, but now I'm tempted to try one out!

  5. I'm cracking up! If that's your "guilty pleasure" I think your conscience is clear.

    My guilty pleasure? Checking "What were they thinking?" - a snarky, celebrity, look-what-they-wore weekly expose. And I could care less about fashion! But I find it hysterical.

    Enjoy your Amish fiction :D


  6. Might have to try one! Thanks for telling me that dish soap story! Wow!

  7. My hubby showed me the local paper tonight that says Beverly Lewis is going to be at our library next Monday. Wanna come? :)

  8. Here from Taylor's blog... (I totally loved your story, BTW. I think it's awesome that there are two readers in the same little hamlet.)

    I, too, am both a self-proclaimed book snob AND a reader of every. single. one. of Beverly Lewis's Amish books. You are not alone.

  9. P.S. I just noticed that the dates on everyone's comments are wacky. I think there's some kind of blog flu going around... ;)

  10. I totally love these books AND so does my teenage daughter. After each and every one I give serious thought to being Amish. For about 10 minutes and then I remember that I am inherently lazy.

  11. I have been considering reading these... maybe I will now. :o)

  12. I'm not crazy about Amish books but I love Christian romance fiction in general. I also love trashy romance fiction. And I love teenage fiction. And I love....well, I will read the butter wrapper if it has many words on it!


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