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A Stumble Down Memory Lane...

Monday, February 27, 2012

I was just reading Taylor's post... (click here to read it) In it she talks about how she is sick and her sweet husband encouraged her to stay in bed, because he'll watch the kids... I think we know how that usually goes... It brought back so many memories... One in particular...

Like when the girlies were little and I was so sick I could barely stand. I had been in bed all day and around 2 PM decided to stumble out to see how everyone was doing. I walk out to the living room and there were my daughters (ages 3 & 6) using my salad spinner as a Barbie pool. As if that wasn't enough to take in, at some point they decided to up the ante and add dish soap, LOTS of dish soap, like 2/3 of a bottle of the green Palmolive (they were "soaking in it"), in the middle of the living room, on my three week old light beige carpet. Cate was in her brand new Easter dress (before Easter) and the Sparky was wearing Lion King panties, red rubber boots and about 25 hello kitty band-aids... When I asked where their father was they said "outside" in unison.

(This picture was taken the next summer... I was on actual film back then and a currently too lazy to scan one from the summer in question in and this one was already scanned in... Just shrink them a little and you get the picture...)

I went out the front door and there he was, in our driveway, replacing the brake pads on my car... When I asked him who was watching his daughters he said he was, so like the maternal glutton for punishment I am I asked him when was the last time he "checked" on them? His answer?? (Wait for it...) "They are fine Rebecca, they are watching that Barbie Nutcracker movie, just go back to bed." That is when another thought occurred to my illness addled mind... I turned back to my dear, sweet, beloved husband and asked "When did you go to the auto parts store?"... He informed me that he had gone that morning. So I had to ask... "What were they wearing?" His answer, "How should I know, they dressed themselves." So I had to ask, "Did Sparky have on clothes?" By now he was a bit agitated, and said "Of course she did, at least I think so, she had a pink coat on." (FYI: The aforementioned "pink coat" was her sister's winter parka... It was April, and really warm out.)  I stood there for about two minutes trying to get my brain to unscramble what to do next, then I simply said, "You might want to peek in on them" and turned around and went back to bed.

All I know of the aftermath is I had a wet spot on my rug for about three days from the amount of water it took him to dilute the soap and suck it up out of the carpet...

Wedding Update:
I just landed a major score!
Remember this beverage station Cate wants?
Well, these are the jugs we wanted...
BUT... It is $69.00 over at Pottery Barn...
 Quite a bit over our budget!
Then last night I found this...

Only $14.99 at World Market... AND... The cheaper on holds a whole gallon more!
Serious score folks!!
Thanks for listening,


  1. BWA HA HA! Moms hardly dare to get sick, y'know?


  2. That is a fabulous story! I have to say my hubs was always excellent in the caretaker category-with the kids anyway : ) He doesn't do as well when I'm under the weather.

  3. I know there ARE husbands who can watch children quite competently but mine isn't one of them either. You were smart to just go back to bed instead of doing the martyr thing like I would have.

  4. A+ for effort, right? Love the urn. Score!


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