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This Week...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

This week felt like a total waste... I woke up everyday this week with a migraine... Some days the medication would get them under control by 10 AM other days (like yesterday) I was incapacitated until 1 or 2 PM... I fell behind in everything in my life... I struggled to just do the bare minimum all week... Even when the headaches broke I still felt like I was living in a fog... I am ashamed to admit the only times I cracked the cover of my Bible this week was at church Sunday, at the Bible study (we host) Monday and at youth group on Wednesday... Aghhh... I feel so... so... Like it's time to count my blessings...

1. I awoke from my headache fog today to find my husband spending his day off doing monster amounts of housework... He cleaned the whole kitchen and did all the dishes... (It was a huge mountain of dishes!) He did everything but vacuum "because he didn't want to disturb me"... I am blessed...

2. I did feel good enough to venture out to the store... This week our local store is having one of those amazing sale weeks and with less then an hours prep I was able to purchase $536.82 in groceries for $177.71... Yes, that's a total coupon and store savings of 389.11!!

3. Sparky went with me to the store, and helped tons... I couldn't have done it without her.

4. Wednesday when the worship team from youth group showed up at our house and realised I didn't feel good they immediately asked if they could pray for me. Then they asked what they could do to help me prep for youth. I am also thankful that even tough we live in the middle of nowhere there is a pizza place that delivers!

5. Even though my head hurt too much to read my Bible I did have hours and hours in bed or on the sofa when lying there was all I could do... During those times when I wasn't sleeping, I did get to pray, and listen... "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10a) was all I could do...

6. I have been able to function at least half of each day... A lot of people with these kinds of headaches can't say that.

7. I  have the most amazing bloggy friends in the universe! I can't believe how sweet you guys are to bear with me!

Thanks for listening,

PS... In case you've been under a rock you know this coming weekend is Super Bowl Weekend... I live in New England so people here seem particularly hyped... I live with a man originally from New Jersey (where, if you didn't know, the Giants actually play.) I thought we'd have a quiet cozy weekend... I WAS WRONG! When you are youth leaders and your home team is in the game, you shall have a party... I think it's a commandment or something... Pray for me!!!


  1. So sorry you've been feeling so poorly. Glad the headache fog has lifted and that your sweet husband helped you out. I am awed at your grocery savings! You go girl! It sounds as if you are really, really blessed AND that you know it. That is marvelous!

  2. Sorry about those headaches....Good luck with the party today

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Oh, what a bummer! (The migraine, not the party.) Praying you feel well for the crowd and excitement at your house tomorrow! (And very envious of your super sale!)



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