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I Need To Get Out More... With 69 Days To Go...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I've made a realization lately... I have very little adult contact. (Adults over 21 that is.) I spend most of my time with the "kids" in our student ministry, and for several weeks in a row, the only adults (other than Paul) I've had conversations with were you guys, our pastor and anyone I talk to at church on Sunday. This is sad... I mean, I love you guys, but I need a "mom's night out"... To actually be in the room with one or more adult women sharing our lives... Laughing!

I had the chance to chat with one of the moms of our youth today but after a few minutes of talking I just drifted back to the kids who were practicing for worship next week. Some more of our "kids" (a couple freshmen boys) wandered over to the church to see how pratice was going and they sat and chatted with me. I realized I talked to them for way longer then I had the mom who was there. I like her, but I just had more to say to the boys. How sad am I? I found it easier to discuss school sports and video games with a couple fifteen year old boys than to chat with a fellow mom...

Don't get me wrong, I have friends...(How sad does that last sentence sound?)  There are a couple women here who when I spend any time with them either of them or the three of us together I feel completely refreshed (Yes, Allison P. I mean you and Julie.) I have a handful of women friends from church that I really, really like and I know we could be better friends with, if I took the time to foster those friendships. I also have a friend in Tennessee who I have remained super close to and when I take time to make even quickie phone calls I feel better... Yet, I don't do it often enough.

I will see almost all of my women friends this coming Saturday at Katy's shower. I am committing to make a date with someone before it's over... AND not just one of those, "we need to get together soon" open ended statements!

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  1. I think everyone feels this way at one time or the other. Hope you can get together with the girls for a gab session soon... with I could be there too.

  2. My computer isn't "playing nicely" with blogger right now, so I'm leaving one comment for two posts...

    #1 Hurray for firing the pushy DJ! I think Paul is right - he probably has money trouble and may be unreliable.

    #2 Nix the bounce house. It's a grown-up party, right?

    #3 Schedule some time with your peers! What you've got with the youth is wonderful, but feed your adult-self too :D Wish I could be there (a bit far, though) because I'd love to join you for Mexican food and a margarita (just one!)


  3. Make the time, meet with the friends. You'll be amazed at the refreshment it will provide your psyche!

  4. As someone who spends most (okay all day) with 3 children 4, 2, and 6 months, I understand about not making time for adults in your life. BUT you have to. If not you will go crazy...very slowly. I try to sneak in time where I can to text or talk on the phone with the ladies I am closest to. It is not easy but you need to do so too. It's not like you are shy ;-). Just block off the time and do it, girlie!!


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