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Katy's Spring Theme Bridal Shower... With 54 Days To Go...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The week away was blissful! I am so glad to be back, but Paul was right, we (I) needed a break from all things wedding & youth group. I love our student ministry and each of the kids and I am loving planning Katy's wedding, but I was on overload and needed to breathe.

If you recall I was staring down one of my busiest weekends of the year before I left. I have so much to tell you, but I know a lot of you just want to see the pictures from the shower... So I say, "give the people what they want!" So without further ado...

Katy's Shower!

We had it at our church just the day after our talent show fundraiser, so we left the church at 10:45 PM on Friday and were back there at 8 AM Saturday!
The welcome table...
I found the bird at Goodwill for .99... He was in need of a little face lift so we primed him and gave him the blue paint job... I just love him now and he has a place of honor in my living room! He and the birdcage will also have a home on the welcome table at the wedding.

 One of the tablescapes...
Those are the little cake stands Allison and I made with cupcakes on them.

Each of the little pillow packs at each place contain one of our family's favorite treats...

Albanese 12 flavor Gummi Bears!
They are A-MAZE-ING!
Seriously... Even if you don't like gummi bears give these a try!
You can get them here...

Katy, Regina (a bridesmaid) Laurie, Michaela (another bridesmaid) Allison and Kris (Allison's future mother-in-law in what must be the worst picture ever taken of her!)

 Poor Katy got a severe shoulder strain just a couple days before her shower. She is fine now but was in a lot of pain that day. I really felt bad for her, she couldn't even open her own presents... But it did make for some cute moments with her sister and bridesmaids who were able to be there. (One is still away at school.)

 My cousin Janine, Aunt Florence and mother...

Jed's Mom (in the middle) with some of his family...
Another very flattering shot...

 Blame this bridesmaid for the flattering shots... I asked her to go around and get a few candids... Careful what you ask for! Thankfully Allison got this shot of her... All is fair in love and candid photography! (That's how that saying goes, right?)

The cute blond girlie is Katy's flower-girl!
She is as sweet as she is cute!

Each of those little frames on the tables had little love quotes in them... I used these ones that I found on pinterest:

Aren't they sweet... We went around and had someone from each table read the one on theirs... It was an admittedly cheesy but sweet moment of "awww"s!

 Here are some of the ladies from church!
(I love these women!!)

As I was leaving Wal-Mart the day before the shower I spotted these cute Hello Kitty coloring books for only $1.00 each so I grabbed them and some .49 crayons and Allison tied them up with a bow and left one on the seats of each of the little girls who attended. Of all the little details we poured into this shower, this was by far the most talked about later... (Oh, and the gummis!) But the looks on the little girls faces when they discovered the coloring books on their seats was worth a million dollars!

Notice the cute homemade banner on the wall in the background of the above photo? Just above Allison's head over the food table in the distance there? No? Oh that was because I left it at home! Yeppers, I stayed up really, really late putting the finishing touches on a cute banner that never made it to the party. Just moments before the guests started arriving I asked Allison and Regina to hang it up over the food table, only to discover (with the help of a quick phone call to Paul) that it was at home. Oh well, this stuff happens, and with some minor changes I could use it for another party... But don't suggest Allison's shower... She has already stated she wants a banner made for her not a left-over (albeit unused) banner from her sister's shower!

The paper everyone is writing on is one of the games Allison came up with for the shower... This one was a "How Well Do You Know Katy" game... We had everyone fill out the game then I had Katy come up front and we did a bit of a silly "shtick" of revealing the answers... Or we tried to be entertaining, you'd have to ask someone that was there if we were or not. The other game Allison MC'd and it was a "What's in your handbag" game... Also a lot of fun and that blond (Laurie, mother of the bridesmaid in blue) packs a lot in her tiny bag and won by a long shot!

Oh look there is a photo of me... Maybe the only one from her shower...

Yep, goofy chipmunk grin and flashing the world's worst "gang" symbol... Sorry Katy that you got this head case for a mom! 

Moving on...

 She got tons of amazing gifts. Unfortunately it was all hands on deck helping her open her gifts so I didn't take any pictures of her (and Allison) opening them. She got lots of great stuff and Katy, her sister and I had a blast putting all her new stuff away at their new apartment just last night. My sweet girlie waited until we were back from the island until she took the stuff over to the apartment so we could all "play" with everything together. Of course Jed is now afraid to use his kitchen that he may break or soil something before the wedding... I think that boy will use any excuse to eat here!

Here are two of her bridesmaids again...
I love these sweet gals!

Oh, look another shot of me.. and better then the other one! (Sad huh?)

Thanks for listening,


  1. I think you look cute with your rosy cheeks! HUGS!! Everything looks so pretty and I'm sure Katy enjoyed it (especially the gifts part ;). You did a great job.

  2. Love the colored cloths...it all looks nice and springy! I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday...let the countdown begin in earnest now!

  3. Oh my goodness, that shower was HUGE! One of the fun things about working in ministry, huh? Everything was beautiful, glad it went well.

  4. That's exciting! You put on a GREAT shower - well done!

    Hope her shoulder is feeling better, and that you can retain some of the rest, in your soul, from the week away :D



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