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Random Stuff...

Monday, July 30, 2012

I have had a bunch of random stuff I've been wanting to write about for some time... None of them enough to be a full post, so here you go... The "Random Stuff" post...

I am starting to feel like our house is cursed... Not really... But it does seem like every project we start is destined to go unfinished indefinitely. They all seem so simple when we start them... But as soon as we get into them we discover problems that either make them impossible to continue and we have to undo what we started, require professional help (so we have to wait), or they are going to require the commitment of more time then we allotted... Usually the problem is this last one and once my husband has stopped working on a project, it is really hard to get him to get back to it (without nagging which I really try not to do)  don't get me wrong, he will eventually get back to it, but not in what I consider a timely manor... So the kitchen (a project my step father started years ago and didn't finish) remains undone... The flooring in the living room is  undone, the bath room is undone, The closet we turned into a pantry is undone, the two bedrooms we added in the basement are undone, and countless outdoor projects remain undone... I have decided to take matters into my own hands... I am not inept when it comes to home improvement but I am usually too busy to commit to projects... I intend to dive into at least one of the above projects... I am right now accessing which one has the best chance for completion and will keep you informed.

Today is one of those perfect Maine summer days... I should be starting on these projects right away... Why then am I not? Because there is something wrong with me... Health wise I mean... 15 years ago I got really sick, and almost died from a chronic lung disease... I haven't talked about that on here, because I don't talk about it in my day to day life. Not that I feel like I am hiding it, but just because I refuse to let my health issues define my life. That being said, I do have issues that spring up from time to time... Right now I am pretty sure I am getting shingles... I have had them three times before, so I recognize the symptoms... I think... Anyhow, I haven't gone to the doctor yet, so I don't know for sure and if I am not feeling better in the next few days I will go to the doctor...

We are still "church shopping" and it is getting really exhausting... There are not a lot of churches for us to choose from here, and we have visited most of our reasonable (ie: close enough to be realistically involved) choices at least once... We just are not getting a clear message that any one in particular is where the Lord wants us. I am tired of visiting new churches... I like being in a church, being involved, having a church family... I am disliking this limbo very much. We have one more we are visiting this week, then we will be praying and making a choice... Please pray for us as we make this choice.

I have decided to start getting out and enjoying this beautiful Mid-Coast Maine region we live in... We generally do, but I have decided to start blogging about it... Kind of being a tourist in my own location... I don't want to commit to a weekly post, but I will be doing them regularly... Check back tomorrow for my first installment...

That's it for today...

Thanks for listening,


  1. oooooo, I so hope it's not shingles. Take some Lyzine right now! My hubby takes it the moment he feels a cold sore coming on and it works for the symptoms of shingles also.

    You know, I just realized I know NOTHING of Maine! I will be looking forward to your 'what to do in Maine' posts!

  2. I'm sorry you're not feeling well and that you're struggling to find a place to worship. I'll be praying for both those matters. (Oh I didn't log into my account) Carrie S. :o)

  3. Oh, I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling that great. We actually have a few people at church who have the shingles! Is it contagious?!? So sorry we didn't get a chance to properly visit on Sunday ... we had to scoot out right after to pick up the girls. Praying you all find a church to call "home" very soon!
    -Allison P.

  4. oh my soul - is my husband related to your husband?!!? Most recently I have tried to do a "15 minute" thermostat replacement that turned into a $135 professional hvac job ... and then the simple sink replacment that required a call to a plumber. I give up - for now.
    Hope you're ok health-wise and church-wise ... Saying a prayer for you about both.
    PS Thanks for your sweet comments over at my blog - you totally get me! :)

  5. Oh no! Hope it's not shingles, but if it is, get right to the doc ASAP. No fun!
    And, oh sister, I feel your project-pain. My husband loves to start projects...
    I wish you well in finding a church home. Went through that ourselves a few years ago. One thing I'm glad we did - we narrowed it down to two or three and then visited those churches for a 3-4 weeks in a row to really get a feel for them before we decided. One visit just doesn't tell the story. It may be their best day ever or their worst, y'know?



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