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Somebody Likes Me...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have actual proof...

Carrie over at It's Not Easy Being Queen nominated me for a blog award...

First, I need to answer some questions then I get to pick some bloggers to award it to...
Name 5 fabulous moments of your life

1. Meeting my Husband (although I didn't know it at that moment)

2. The day he came home from the first Gulf War

3. Our Wedding Day (and the month that followed)

4. The births of each of our girls (or just after anyhow!)

5. Katy's Wedding Day

Name 5 things you love.

1. Hanging out with my family

2. Movie or Gilmore Girls marathons with my girlies
3. That "fresh" feeling you get when you change a room around or get something new for a room.

4. Planning and throwing parties

5. Yoga pants

Name 5 things you hate

1. The word "moist" (yuck)

2. Earwigs (Those bugs with the pinchers on the end)

3. Humidity

4. Gossip

5. Blue Cheese

Then I'm supposed to pass it along to deserving bloggers.

This is the hard part... I have about 12 people I'd pick, but I never know if they will even want a blog award... And a few already have this reward... I guess I will just have to limit myself... If I didn't pick you, I'm sorry... I meant to.

 Well, here goes...

1. Nina at "Nina the Mom"

2. Julie at "Herding Grasshoppers"

4. Mindee at "Our Front Door"

5. Dawn at "It Just Dawned On Me"

Thanks for listening,


  1. Thanks! I hate the word moist also!!

  2. Moist... ewwww!

    Thanks for the blog-love :D


  3. awww, for ME!!??!! Thank you.

    And I never hated the word "moist" but I do now!!! :)

  4. What about moist in reference to cake? Because I don't like dry cake.

    Thanks for the award. :)

    1. Moist cake = Yummy... Feeling moist = Ewwwww...

  5. Yay for yoga pants and planning parties! You're right ~ moist IS icky. Ha.

  6. Your top 5 are pretty much the same as mine... except I don't have "girlies," but my husband will occasionally watch a disc or two with me. :)
    Thanks so much for the award!! I feel very honored!!
    <3 <3 <3


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