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I'm ACTUALLY Doing This...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A quick update on my 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge...

21 "bags" down... At least 19 to go! (When this is all said and done I believe I will have FAR more than 40 bags...)

Here is the breakdown:
15 bags (or boxes) to Goodwill
2 Boxes of art/craft supplies and other stuff donated to the school
2 bags of food to the food bank (from the initial pantry sort... I still have a lot of work to do in there, so it's still on the list...)

I have also thrown away (or recycled) 7 bags of trash! (I am no longer counting "trash" in my 40 bag count!)

If I complete this whole list in under 40 days I have a little reward for myself planned that involves a day spa...

Here is my updated list:

1. Coat Rack / back door area in Kitchen

2. Bakers rack in Kitchen

3. Under Kitchen Sink

4. Kitchen gadgets (in crocks and drawers)

5. Upper Kitchen cabinets

6. Lower kitchen cabinets

7. Entertainment center  (started)

8. DVD collection

9. Shelves in cellar stairs

10. Pantry  (started)

11. Linen Closet

12. bathroom

13. gift wrap bins (started)

14. Allison's Closet

15. Allison's room

16. back deck (started)

17. entry way

18. Our closet (started)

19. Our Dresser (started)

20. My nightstand (started)

21. Craft supply shelves

22. Party supply bins

23. Office supply shelves

24. Christmas decor

25. Laundry room

26. freezers

27. "paper goods" shelves

28. "Other Seasonal" decor bins

29. book shelves

30. Katy's old bedroom

31. Shelves in storage area in basement

32. "messy corner" in my bedroom (started)

33. basket on top of microwave (our "junk drawer")

34. bookcase in my bedroom

35. stuff in "trunk" of our vehicle

36. Old Magazines in pile in my bedroom

37. cedar chest

38. "mess" in living room/kitchen from basement sort

39. girls "keepsakes" and toys in basement bins

40. My brother's childhood crap stuff he left here 25 years ago when he moved out...

I feel great getting this taken care of once and for all! I simply can not wait until our home is more organized and "user friendly"!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Yes, you are my inspiration! And can I just say that I love that you have shelves in your cellar stairs?! Reminds me of our first house.

    I've already taken a load to Goodwill, offered a load to my bro/SIL, and have a huge load for consignment, but I may have to break it up over the next 2-3 months.


    Julie G

    PS Are you going to tell us how item #40 goes? ;D

    1. I am glad my madness has inspired someone...

      #40 will be the easiest... He has 30 days to send the $$$ to ship his stuff or it ALL goes to the Goodwill! He has been here and sorted through it in the last couple years and the EIGHT boxes are what he has left behind, but refused to let go of... They say every dog has his day, well this is true for brothers too, because HIS day is here!

  2. Great solution and I applaud you for giving a time frame for him to respond.

    Now I'm wracking my brain to think if I have anything left at my parents... I think not. Well, one thing - my rifle. But they have a gun safe (with plenty of room) and we don't, so that makes the best sense. Otherwise, by the time you're an adult it's time to take your stuff and deal with it.

    I just love looking at my hall closet shelves now - easy to get thing I want in and out, easy to see what's there, etc. I think of the volume of stuff that has GONE and I smile :D

  3. Wow! Yay you!! Do you hire out? :)


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