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They See Me Sortin'... They Hatin'...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yes, that title was a reference to a hip-hop song...
Remember my life is all teens... All the time!

Here is my updated list of areas of the house I plan to sort...

Remember... If I complete this whole list in under 40 days I have a little reward for myself planned that involves a day spa...
1. Coat Rack / back door area in Kitchen

2. Bakers rack in Kitchen

3. Under Kitchen Sink

4. Kitchen gadgets (in crocks and drawers)

5. Upper Kitchen cabinets

6. Lower kitchen cabinets

7. Entertainment center

8. DVD collection

9. Shelves in cellar stairs

10. Pantry

11. Linen Closet

12. bathroom

13. gift wrap bins

14. Allison's Closet

15. Allison's room (started)

16. back deck

17. entry way

18. Our closet

19. Our Dresser

20. My nightstand

21. Craft supply shelves

22. Party supply bins

23. Office supply shelves

24. Christmas decor

25. Laundry room

26. freezers

27. "paper goods" shelves

28. "Other Seasonal" decor bins

29. book shelves

30. Katy's old bedroom

31. Shelves in storage area in basement

32. "messy corner" in my bedroom

33. basket on top of microwave (our "junk drawer")

34. bookcase in my bedroom

35. stuff in "trunk" of our vehicle

36. Old Magazines in pile in my bedroom

37. cedar chest

38. "mess" in living room/kitchen from basement sort

39. girls "keepsakes" and toys in basement bins

40. My brother's childhood crap stuff he left here 25 years ago when he moved out...

Only 6 locations left to sort and I have over 30 days (whoops... typo) over 3 days to do it... Day spa, here I come!!!

Here is a peek at some of my sorting in the kitchen...

My knife drawer before...

 Gadget Drawer Before...

 Gadget crock before...
 Back about ten years ago my mom put up these "kitchen organizers" that I am in the process of taking down... Oh and that 80's wallpaper is outta here too!

I got these spiffy new steak knives as a gift about a year ago, but haven't put them in the knife drawer since it was overloaded!

 Look at the contents of that ONE drawer...
Whoa! Hoarder much??
 Look, an actual "after" picture!
I am going this weekend to buy drawer organizers so the 1970's green silverware tray is out of here, and I will show you the other "after" shots when I get them installed, but they have been sorted, so they are off the list! (Yes, we need all those nut crackers... For lobster... Yum!)

Oh and Katy & Jed bought a new (to them) car about two weeks ago...
The only vehicle they had was his work truck, so they are BOTH thrilled... Her not to be riding in his "nasty" work truck and him because of the savings in gas!
Aren't they cute?
Thanks for listening,


  1. YEH YEH YEH for you!!! :) I see some Pampered Chef in those drawers too, me thinks!!? :)

    I cleaned out my closet today - 2 bags to go to Goodwill!! WOO HOO!!!! I finally got hard core - since I'm not working outside my home these days, I let go of some skirts I used to wear all the time - still like them but don't NEED them. Hopefully someone else can put them to good use! :) Ahhh, feels good!!!!

  2. Okay, I really, REALLY might need to do this. I've been kind of doing this. One thing at a time-- baby steps, Rebecca-- baby steps.

  3. Wow-you're doing great! Keep on keepin' on!

  4. Woo-hoo! It's amazing what you've accomplished. But you have over 30 days left, of 40? Did I miscount something? (I mean, take all the time you want! I just missed something there.)

    Curious - what are those colored knives?


    1. Whoops, typo! (Or wishful thinking) I had over 3 days left... I am in high gear, and just crossed six more locations off my list! Alas Allison may not be in such high gear, and we may not finish her room but I will consider it a win without her spaces, because I have little control over when she is available and/or willing to sort stuff!
      The colorful knives are a set I got for $30 at Sam's Club last month. I got a really nice set of 9 expensive German knives back when we got married but after 21 years of marraige, countless moves, and yes, children I am down to three of them! For my anniversary last April my husband got me another set of these knives (plus the steak knives) but I have been reluctant to use them... Now they are on a magnetic strip on the inside of a cabinet and NOBODY but me is allowed to touch them... The $30 sassy, colorful knives are for everyone else to use!


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