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All Grown Up...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

We had an amazing and relaxing five days at our cabin (or "camp" in Maine lingo) and came home fully refreshed... Well, except for the back spasm I suffered the morning we were leaving... That made packing and cleaning not so fun, but I got home to a nice dose of muscle relaxant and felt much better.

The only other glitch was a computer one... Our anti-virus software had been giving us notices for weeks that it was almost up... I had just been so busy I hadn't taken the time to run into Staples to get the update. (From past experience I don't just "download" it, but buy the actual discs.) I say I was too busy, but Staples is in the same plaza as the grocery store I frequent... Like there 3-4 times a week... Alas, I didn't take time to get it, and it expired while we were on the island... No biggie, since we don't have Internet over there... Right??... WRONG!! Just because we don't have it, it doesn't mean others around us don't and even though we do not have the passwords for their accounts our computer still managed to get a pretty bad virus! It took us a few days  after we got home to clear it all up... Aghhh... I think they should bring back the stocks and public ridicule for the miscreants who write these things! Not very Christian, I know, but seriously folks... Who writes these things!?!

Anyhow... Everything is all good again and I'm back...

A couple days before we left for the island we had Allison's senior pictures taken... I thought I'd share some of my (and her) favorite shots with you! So here goes... Photo evidence that my baby is all grown up...

This is the one going in the yearbook...
When did she grow up?

I am glad we waited until the leaves started to change for the shoot...

I can't believe this gorgeous girl shares my DNA...
Or that her beautiful sister does for that matter!

Yeah, there's the Allison I know!
I think I was trying to "coach" her some and this was her reaction...
I love it!

I love that dimpled smile!


These were taken by the amazing River Radley who also took the pictures at Katy's wedding!
(Yes A.P., These were taken behind your church... Except the last few that were taken at the Samoset Resort.)


  1. Yay! You're back :D

    with GORGEOUS photos - all lovely, though I think the ones at the beach are my favorite... but I just love the beach :D

    Sorry about the virus - UGH!


  2. what a beautiful young lady!! :)

  3. Computers--so necessary and so annoying! Beautiful girl. Love that last picture!

  4. She gets lovelier every day. I haven't been by in a while, but I wanted to let you know that I thought of you last weekend after my daughter's wedding. I found myself thinking, "Whew! SO GLAD I only have one daughter." God knew my limitations. Say Hi to the family from C'ville. :-D


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