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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Time for a trip down random thought lane... Buckle your seat belts, my mind can be a very weird place! 

The grand baby is standing! Like full fledged, ready to take a step, standing... She will be 9 months old later this week. Where did the time go? She is also in the midst of her first cold, or else I'd take a picture of the a fore mentioned standing. I watched her for about an hour today so her mom could go to the grocery store. She is in good spirits but wants to snuggle a lot more... Extra snuggling... Darn! 
Katy's birthday is this week and her gift from us is a full day of child care (really a gift for me) and spending money to head down to Portland for the day with Jed. She is looking forward to her day and sick or not I am looking forward to a full day of Gigi duty!! 

~Subject Change~

Mary & Martha is sending someone from corporate to Maine to do a special event. No just anyone but they are sending the person who has become my corporate mentor since I promoted. She has helped me to realize some really cool goals and I can't wait to have 48 hours of her! This event is kind of a big deal... I get a budget and there are boxes of things to give away arriving soon! I am SO EXCITED!! 
We are having it at a local inn in Rockland... The Berry Manor Inn to be exact... It is everything you'd expect a quaint, coastal Maine inn to be. Here look...

Of course these pictures are from their web site and it will not be summer here next week, but it still looks quaint and inviting. 

The actual event will be in the coach house...

Here is a look at the event space... 

Of course we will have it set up way less formally.
I will take pictures... I promise!
(If you are in the area and you want to come let me know!)

~Subject Change~

I used to cook all time... I loved cooking but when I was working full time at the school and dealing with my parent's health issues I got out of the habit of it. Now I am having a hard time getting back into the habit. I want to have nicer meals again... Meals worth sitting around the table and eating... I am just out of the habit. I need to figure out how to get back in the habit... I don't know why I am telling you this as it is in no way interesting that I am in a quickie meal/casserole slump.

~Subject Change~

I am a night owl and I keep trying to reform my ways. For years I have envied those early bird friends who wake up early and have their quiet time first thing over a cup of tea. The seem to greet the day with a smile on their face and I envision little chirping birds flying around them... I on the other hand have always been a night owl. I am rarely in bed before midnight and could easily stay up until 2 AM everyday  as long as I could sleep to 9 every morning... And when I do wake up I am chronically groggy until coffee is flowing through my veins. I frequently forget where we store the mugs (same cabinet since I was a child!) or leave out a step in the oh so confusing 3 steps it takes to make a cup of coffee! I am so groggy I need a full 45 minutes to hour to fully wake up and start my day. If I need to be somewhere in the morning I get up a full hour before I need to start getting ready just to sit and ease into the day. 

If you are still reading this post, you are a better friend then necessary! 

Thanks for listening,


  1. Hurray for baby duty :D And STANDING - look out world, here she comes! Looks like we're going to have my niece for a long weekend, late in April. Depending on when you're in the area, that may affect where/when we try to get together, BUT IT WILL STILL HAPPEN!

    Oh, that inn looks gorgeous. Stereotypes can be a good thing, y'know? Hope you have a wonderful time with your mentor.


  2. I've missed your witty insights. I SO So so completely "get" this blog entry. I've become such a night owl. After everyone is in bed, I feel like I'm free to do as I please, which never includes anything productive like quilting, housework, or Bible study. No... I look at clever things on Facebook, play Candy Crush, and watch old movies on TCM.

    For the record, I'm a little jealous of your grand baby, and I consider a casserole a real meal.

  3. Night owl here, too!!! I've tried and tried to change it - but my biological inner clock just doesn't like the morning. I come from a long line of non-morning person women. Somehow that makes me feel better because all those "godly women" books seem to imply if you don't get up with the sun rise that you will have a lousy day and are not pleasing God. ;) THankfully, I'm coming to grips with meeting with God later in the day - and realizing His mercy covers my morning grumpiness.

  4. When I first read Portland, I thought... Hey! Portland! And then I thought... wait, she means the OTHER Portland. Haha I'm quick like that.
    I thought casseroles were meals. Not that I make them but then again, I'm known far and wide for my cereal dinners. Ha.


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