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Friday, April 4, 2014

Where did this week go? I feel like I have been on a whirlwind ever since last Wednesday! Craziness!! 

My Mary & Martha corporate event went FABULOUS! Seriously... Better then I could have hoped for! Everyone who RSVP'd showed up! That has never happened... It was standing room only! My decision to have the inn cater it was a good call since I was crazy busy. We had THREE new consultants decide to join my team and all my current consultants booked parties so from that standpoint it was a HUGE success! The bigger success is that everyone had FUN (customers & consultants) and are all wanting to know if we can do a big multi-consultant VIP events a couple times a year! Yay!! 

Here are the few hurried pictures I got...
My crazy set up...

Love the Vintage Sign Board!!

Fake spring since it has yet to arrive here! 

More of our new product!

The purple flowers went on to be pinned to my current team members!

The cupcakes my favorite local bakery did were amazing and the hit of the night!

They hand piped each ampersand in colored white chocolate to top them with! 

Everyone went home with free goodies! They were all so excited!! 

I literally took these as the "early bird" guests were showing up... After that, the night was a total blur (in a good way) and I never got another moment to take a picture! 
Having my corporate mentor here for 48 hours was great but I was exhausted after she left. Her energy level is about three or four levels above mine so I felt like I had to constantly be "on" around her... She is amazing and full of great ideas and advice and I am forever grateful for her assistance but I just do not move and/or think at her level of energy! 

After we dropped her off at the airport Saturday Allison & I went shopping since we were in Portland and that is where we Mainers go to shop! I spent the better part of the day in one store but that is another story for another day!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing event!! Glad it went so well. :)
    AND I just saw a Micah 6:8 sign that I might need ... some day ... when I have the $$ for it!! :)

  2. Oh I am a fan of fun beautiful delicious themed cupcakes. So cute!!

  3. I prayed for you last Friday - glad it went so well. OH MY GOODNESS it looks like fun! That vintage sign looks like where a church would post the hymns for that Sunday's service :D


  4. Looks so great and like tons of fun!! Great job!! I really like the hospitality sign.
    <3 <3 <3

  5. Couldn't wait to see pictures. Same here, thought of you a few times on Friday so I sent up quick prayers. BTW, Ladies, I won the beautiful nesting market basket... and it is lovely. It is a piece in itself, not just the average basket you would pick up from Home Goods. Maybe its me, maybe its because of Rebecca, maybe because it was a precious sign that my Heavenly Father loves me... but there is something about it that feels like it was made with love. I have been on a faith walk this year and one of the things that we needed was a new vehicle (preferably a min van) and I thought we were going to have to save up for some time to purchase it. For me to win the basket was a little boost to my soul (and my faith) because when I saw it I felt like it was a gift for me that only God knew I hoped for. As my Mom put it, "trusting God starts with a basket (this basket) then its a van." A week and a half later I was driving a new-to-us mini van. Faithful Father? Always.


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