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An Allie Update...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Two posts in one day!!! And you guys thought I didn't care!!! Seriously though, I realized how long it's been since I updated you on my younger girlie when I was typing the Hodgepodge post and realized I hadn't told you her big news...

She went blonde!!!

Hahahaha... Yes, she is trying a bit of blonde on for fun, but her real big news is that she is going to Montana State University in the fall... Yes, her "year off" is almost over and my baby bird is leaving my nest.

I am sure some of you are wondering why MSU? 
We lived in Montana from 1992-2000 and both Paul and I went to school there. In fact if you do the math you will figure out that is where she was born! Her plan was to attend school in state but last fall it was clear she was ready for a change of scenery... Maybe even a big change so when I off the cuff suggested she look into MSU and see if they have what she is interested in she did. We have good friends out there we have kept in touch with so even though she will be far from home she will have a support base. But even without that, one of the good things that has come from moving around so much when the girls were growing up is she has little fear and all confidence that things will be just fine.

I will miss her terribly but am very excited for her... Her senior year was a bit crazy with getting engaged, starting to plan a wedding, then having the relationship fall apart... She needed this year off to get her feet firmly on the ground and she really seems to! In fact these days I'd say she seems like she is 99% adult in her thinking, and actions. (The other 1% surprises me when it pops up!) 

As for me, I am savoring the limited days I have her as my baby girl still at home... As I mentioned in the Hodgepodge post, she & I are flying out there next week to do the tour and lay some ground work... I am really looking forward to that time alone together!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Mine both were far from home for their university years. And while it aches a mother's heart, it makes for wonderfully independent, capable, fearless adult children. Hope she has a wonderful experience!

  2. Miss Allison you are beautiful!! Hope you girls have a great time together :)

  3. Hope that's a fun mom-daughter time. And what a blessing that you can launch your daughter all the way across the country, trusting in her maturity and character :D (Well done, Mom and Dad!)

    I'm having fun reading through your vacation, day by day.



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