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Summer at Last...

Monday, June 9, 2014

After a long, cold, winter and a long, (slightly less) cold spring, summer like weather has finally reached us here on the coast of Maine and I am loving it!!! 

Before I tell you about our weekend though... What do you think about the new look? It's a work in progress but I am excited about it! Liz from Sweet Simplicity Designs is doing the work and she is a joy to work with... Even if I am not. I am not trying to be a difficult client but I am so busy I rarely get back to her right away and she is always having to email me reminders so I am sure she will be glad to be done with the whole thing... 

Saturday Paul, Allison, Katy, & I took my sweet grand baby (Let's call her by our favorite nick-name for her "Goobie") to the Maine Fiber Frolic...

Pop & Goobie waiting for us ladies to get it together...

Shoes on for our little walker! 
(Yes, she rode in her car seat!) 

The Fiber Frolic is an annual fair about all things "fiber" so it was full of people who grow wool bearing animals, sheer them, spin the wool, and/or create (knit, ect) with it...
In full disclosure... I do none of the above...
But it was a beautiful day and we have a friend who has an alpaca farm who is an organizer of this event and she invited us... We had a good time in spite of the fact it wasn't "aimed" at us.

Goobie loved the animals...

She petted several and had so much fun!

Especially with the angora rabbits! 

 Goobie has figured out she only has to wear a hat outdoors so as soon as we'd go into any building she would take it off and then (try to) put it back on as we'd leave... It was very cute!

She also figured out how to drink out of auntie's camelbak water bottle... 
This impressed us all a little too much and of course auntie bought her one of her own by the end of the day! 

I think we enjoyed our (frequent) breaks in the shade as much as the exhibits! 
(Do you spy the cute basket I found on top of the stroller... Yes, I can shop even where nothing is aimed at my interests!) 

Goobie has also figured out that funny faces get a laugh when the camera/phone comes out!

Try to not smile at that face! (In case you were wondering how she came by that nick name take another look at that expression!) 

The girlies insisted I get in on at least one photo! 

Next we headed to Hussey's General Store
Their sign says it all...

Yep, Hussey's is one stop shopping for all things country or redneck if you know what I mean...

The first floor is your typical small town grocery store... 
But upstairs is soooo much more....

Why does this woman have a parka on? It was over 80 degrees!!! Hahahaha...
Oh, and don't miss the recliner that Paul teased us about wanting to buy for the rest of the day...

They also sell guns... Lot's of guns...

We then made a quick trip to Augusta for a Target run then headed home in time to grill dinner! 
What a wonderful day!

Thanks for listening


  1. First, love the new look - love the blue/turquoise/red combo :D
    Second, glad to see you posting again!
    Third, HUSSEYS! Amazing. Can I use your photo and credit you? The one of the sign? That's flat out AWESOME.
    Fourth, "Goobie" is beyond adorable, but you knew that :D


    1. First, Thank you!
      Second, I know, I seriously NEED to post more but I am so busy doing boring things that I don't have time to post... Besides, who want to hear about my four hours with the window repair man today while he fixed what the winter broke? Nobody, that's who... Watching paint drying would be more interesting! I will try to be better!
      Third, Use the photo... No need for photo credit... Hussey's belongs to EVERYONE! Hahaha... Seriously, if you Google "Hussey's General Store" there are probably ten thousand shots of that exact sign on the web... It's kinda famous in these parts!
      Forth, I whole heartedly agree!

    2. Hussey's... hilarious. Pretty sure nobody out here has seen that!

  2. Your girls are beautiful! And that Goobie looks like a mess!!
    Hussey's looks like one-stop shopping at its finest! (Ha, ha!)

  3. Oh my, Hussy's looks like it's a 'must see' landmark! Ha.
    Love the Little one! She looks like her Aunties!

  4. Love the sign. I saw this on FB first and came to your blog via. Goobie is a beautiful little girl. Lovely family.
    I'm going to visit you blog from time-to-time.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Best sign ever! I love it! And your grandgirl is adorable! I'm sure you're enjoying spoiling her a little : )


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