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Who I Visit Often...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

There has been a ton of stuff going on and I will share the good, the bad and the ugly soon... I promise! But first I did a little blog house keeping...

As you can see I have made some changes to the "Who I Visit Daily" bar on the side over there... My first change was to make it more honest... I wish I could read blogs daily and there was a point in my life when I was homeschooling the girlies that I could... But now several times a week would be more accurate, but since that was too long to put on the tab I went with often. 

As you can see there has been a little mix up in the line up too... You see, I had not updated who I was actually reading in quite some time... Let me introduce or reintroduce you to my list... (In alphabetical order... Since I love all my bloggy friends and didn't know how else to list them!)

As Jules Is Going : We all know Julie and her band of merry minions... She is more busy refinishing furniture these days then blogging but I still pop over to see if she has posted!

From This Side Of The Pond : Joyce is the captain of the Hodgepodge and a long time bloggy friend... I look forward to meeting her in person someday! Her life is incredibly fascinating and she is incredibly nice! She is a real deal blogger with lots of followers and such but she still takes time to read and comment on my little blog... I told you she was nice!

Herding Grasshoppers : Julie is also a long time bloggy friend who when I spent the day with her & her hubs in Seattle this past spring I realized that bloggy friends are real friends! Her adventures raising three sons in the Pacific Northwest always make for a good read! 

It's Not Easy Being Queen : Carrie is another long time bloggy friend and not taking a side trip to meet up with her while in Seattle is one of my only regrets of the trip! Sometimes I think she and Joyce are sisters separated at birth! She like Joyce leads a glamorous life but does so while being incredibly down to earth and nice! 

Kelly's Korner :  (New to list) I started reading Kelly's blog back when she was pregnant with her first baby... When I took a blogging hiatus a few years back I kinda lost touch with her blog... I started reading her blog again about a year ago and even though I rarely comment and I doubt she has any idea who I am I do enjoy a peek at her adorable southern life! (Plus her love of all things monogrammed makes me swoon!) 

 Life In Grace :  Edie is a big time blogger but her writings really resonate with me... She also has an impeccable since of style that makes me wish I was a bit more southern... Alas I am a northern girl through and through! Her family lost their home in a fire a few years back and how she handled everything was a true example of grace! She has no idea who I am so I can't really call her a bloggy friend, but maybe someday!

Simply Sherri : We all know Sherri from her "Musings By Mommy" blog which she kinda sorta stopped blogging on... She kept reminding me about her other blog but since I haven't updated the list in awhile I hadn't shared where to find her with you! I don't know if you guys know this but Sherri and I knew each other when we both lived in Tennessee... It was soon after she moved that I started blogging and we have kept in touch with each other in the bloggy-sphere ever since!

Sincerely Shannon : (New to list) Shannon's mom is the one and only Joyce from up top there! Every so often she mentions her daughter's blog and I would pop over and read it, but about six months ago I just kept reading. She is young, sweet and full of joie de vivre! (Zest or Joy for life... But the French describes her better!) With her in full on wedding planning mode I am totally addicted to her blog! 

Tidbits From The Tremaynes : Mandi & I have very little in common... She is full of energy and constantly renovating her home (all by herself or maybe with a little help from her dad) when she isn't throwing amazing "cousins" parties and just embracing life as the mom of FOUR adorable kiddos! I read her blog because she makes me laugh all the time... She is irreverent in the right sort of way! Occasionally she will pop over and comment or send me a message and I always feel a bit star struck when she does!

An Ordinary Hausfrau : Conny & I are unlikely friend who I fear if I had met her in real life first I would have completely overwhelmed her with my extreme extrovert ways, but since we met in the bloggy sphere first we got a chance to know each other! She is very real and shares her struggles as well as her joys on her blog. I can really hear her voice and feel like each time I read her blog we are actually just having coffee together! I get to go meet Conny in person this winter since I have a Mary & Martha conference right near her and I am really looking forward to overwhelming her in person!

The Lumberjacks Wife : Taylor is one of the funniest people on the internet and I don't think I am overstating that! Her irreverent look at her day to day life never fails to crack me up! She is raising four kiddos on a (kind of) farm in the Northern Rockies, none of which I think she saw her life being... When I first started reading her blog she was a mild mannered housewife living in town... Then they moved to the middle of nowhere and she decided this was the perfect time for some adventures and misadventures in homeschooling... Her kiddos are in public school these days and so is she! After subbing as a sixth grade teacher most of last year (bless her heart!) she just took a job as a kindergarten teacher! Even though she does not have as much time to blog these days I am always anxiously awaiting her next post!

The Nesting Place : Myquillyn (aka "The Nester") Is a big time blogger up there with The Pioneer Woman (who I also read but needs no promotion from me!) She is famous with like 600 bagillion visitors (give or take a few) and has a book and everything... She has no idea I exist on her planet but she has a since of her own style that I admire greatly and I love reading her posts since like all my favorite blogs she defiantly speaks in her true voice!

We Are THAT Family : Kristen is another big time blogger who does not know I exist... I have been reading her blog off and on for years and she is so inspirational while at the same time being real! I started reading her post regularly again several months ago, and if you don't already visit her I think you'll be glad you did!

PS. This post is so Joy (a lurker on here who happens to also be a friend from my time in Tennessee) will know why I messed with my list! (Love ya, Joy!)

Also my real friend but first bloggy friend Nina is not blogging on her "Nina the Mom" blog these days... I know we all miss her and maybe one day soon we can all check in with her again! Until then, Nina, We all love you and miss you!!!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Hi Rebecca! I need to do some blogkeeping too : ) I wanted to tell you I got my pitcher and I absolutely love everything about it-the color, shape, weight, proportion, wording, everything. Now I need a dozen roses to put in it. Gonna mention that to my hubs! It was a nice surprise because I'd forgotten I won, so seeing the brown box was a thrill. I like packages.

    1. I'm glad you got it and love it!! Funny story, last week I was using an actual vase for flowers so I put lemonade in the pitcher when we were having company and my husband was SHOCKED that I had done that and said "Isn't that a vase?" right in front of the guests! I awkwardly told him it was a pitcher I sometimes use as a vase, but I cleaned it thoroughly... Hardly anyone drank my lemonade...

  2. Wow, I feel so special among those "big blogger" names! LOL!!!! Nothing like a little ego stoke. ;)
    Hee hee!! Great idea to do some blogkeeping - I am glad - so glad - you see the REAL me in my blog. That confirms to me I am doing what I am intending to do. Despite all that introvert-ness in me!! ;) I can't wait to meet you IRL!! I am READY. ;)

  3. PS Of course, Kelly - from Kelly's Korner - also lives here in NW Arkansas. I think you may remember I wrote about the time I saw her and Hollis in TJ Maxx ... and I couldn't speak!! LOL
    You think she'd meet up with us too??!?!? LOL

    1. I would love to get together with you and Kelly but first she has to know I exist! :) Plus, I am looking forward to meeting YOU in person!! :)

  4. Aww.. that's so sweet! I also wish you'd come my way but 3 hours is 3 hours! Next time! I think that's the first time anybody has described my life as 'glamorous.' ha ha. I'm super glad I 'read' as nice and down to earth though. :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh you are "Glamorous" and if people don't say so it's because they assume you know! ;)

  5. YOU GOT ME!!!!
    Hi, my name is Joy and I am a daily, or twice daily, or thrice daily (depending if I am hiding from my two preschool aged children or not) lurker to Rebecca's blog (and Herding Grasshoppers, for that matter).
    I love you too, Rebecca! Thanks for being my diversion on a daily basis.

    1. So all I had to do was call you out on my blog and you'd introduce yourself? I should have done it years ago! I can see from my feed-it thingy when you've been here and that is usually good enough for me!

  6. Oh Rebecca, you are such a sweet friend! I miss blogging terribly and I'm making plans to be full-time again in the next month or so. With many, frequent trips off Sunny Island, my house has been terribly neglected. So I'm organizing that and planning Little Guy's first year of homeschooling.... because he's going to be THREE! (Let's not forget I started blogging right after I found out I was prego with him Jan. 2011!) Speaking of birthdays, I'm also planning a big Hunting/shooting/Duck Dynasty-esque birthday bash in his honor. I'd like to say it's Redneck Red Carpet, but I think it'll read a little more redneck. ;) I can't wait to share! Love you & miss you lots!!
    <3 <3 <3
    nina the mom

    ps. I *so* wish you were here to party plan with me!! You're my role model & inspiration when it comes to planning & hosting gorgeous parties.
    pps. Little Guy is going to be 3!! I just can not believe it! Not for a second. Someone pour me a drink! I need a glass of wine... and a paper bag!

    1. I'd live to be at "Little Guy's" party! I do wish we lived closer!
      You do what you need to then give us all the heads up when you are blogging again and we will be back! <3 Ya!

  7. Rebecca!! You are so sweet to mention me here. I've now just spent a bunch time catching up on your blog! And I am so glad to hear that people aren't sick of me posting about my wedding yet ;) Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Thank you so much or sharing my blog here!! You are the BEST!! I need to add a list like this one on this new blog too. Thanks for reminding me!


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