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Let's Meet...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

For a couple years now I have wanted to go to the Allume Conference (ever since it was the "Relevant" conference!) It is a conference for Christian Bloggers and although blogging is just a hobby for me I have always wanted to have a bit more focus and maybe some day write something that people would actually want to read... 

They have AMAZING bloggers like The Nester speak and I hear the swag is worth the trip!! 

This year may be the year I go! But I want one of you to go with me!! I have a chance to get TWO tickets at an amazing price (normally $299 each!) AND I want to treat one of you, my bloggy friends! I am willing to pay for the hotel room if you are willing to share (since I plan to go anyhow) so all you'd have to pay for is your airline ticket! 

Here's the thing... I need to know RIGHT away if you want to go!

Here are the details:
Allume 2014 will be held October 23-25 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Greenville, South Carolina... You would need to make plans to fly into Greenville... I plan to fly in on the 22nd and stay until the 25th, but if you can arrive before 4 PM at the hotel from where ever you would be flying from you aould always come on the 23rd! 

Like I said I need to know ASAP if you want to go... Please email me at
The first person who says they can absolutely go is in!! 

Thanks for listening,

1 comment :

  1. WOW!
    #1 You are an awesome giver ... what a wonderful offer
    #2 I can't come so don't consider this an entry
    #3 I just wanted to tell you that was a really nice thing to do!
    #4 I look forward to meeting you in January, God willing.


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