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Montana On My Mind...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So, the girlie won't let me post the "horrible" pictures I took of her dorm but has yet to send me ones I can post so I will nag her some more and post a few other pics I took...

Here is the view out our friends living room window after a cold night...
Yes, there is snow on those mountains... In August...

I have to stop right here and tell you, we LOVE Montana. Ever since we left 14 years ago we have dreamed of moving back there. After Paul & I visited this time we decided to do more then dream and we are actively praying for and working toward that goal. We have a time frame in mind but we don't know if it's the Lord's timing so we are praying right now.

Back to the college girl...
Here she is when we took her and her roommate shopping...

We were shopping for a chair for Allie and a rug for their dorm among many other little items they found they were in need of...

They did not go with the rattan rocker or the peacock swing chair pictured here but they insisted on trying them out! 

(sorry for the blurry cell phone pic)
Her roommate voted we get the rug that matched her cell phone... Even though it was HUGE and over $600... So we kept shopping and found one that was just right later in the day. 

Her roommate is a super, sweet girl from the Montana "high line" (Montana speak for up near the Canadian border). She grew up in a tiny little town on a farm way up there. Her graduating class was 10 kids! She & Allie have very little in common... They are like peas & carrots... Totally different but the go together nicely! In fact they get along like they have know each other forever and laugh nearly non-stop. 

Here's a better picture of the girls.

After my friend Alisa spent an afternoon shopping and laughing with these two we called the guys and had them meet us at a BBQ place we knew the guys liked for dinner.

It was super hard getting people to pose or even be in a picture but I did get this one shot... Here is our lovely host and her husband. I would say nice things about Dan but he spent most of his time in July here and our time out there siding with Paul and teasing me, so in case he ever reads this I don't want flattering things in print that can be used against me later!! 
(The second youngest of their FIVE sons is in this shot too. Paul and their youngest son ducked out of the shot.) 

Okay people... Here's the deal, I know nobody likes to get their picture taken... We are ALL uncomfortable with it, but pictures capture memories and help us to recall details our minds can't or won't keep... GET IN THE PICTURE PEOPLE!! (Rant over... And I do feel better!!) 

Anyhow the drive home was exceedingly long but we survived and are back in Maine. We had dinner and hung out tonight with Katy, Jed and our sweet grand baby who has grown literally just short of two inches in the last couple weeks! We left and she was in size 12 months and some 18 months and she is now growing out of the biggest of those clothes and is wearing 24 mos. to 2T! That was too quick!!! 

Thanks for listening,


  1. Well, I'm glad your girl is settling in college with some nice ppl surrounding her!!
    I would love to visit MT again some day ... my sister-in-law's family lives in Kalispell/Big Fork near Glacier Park. It is an AMAZING place to see ... God's majesty in creation!!!!
    And now, as you settle into new routines, I hope you enjoy your "new normal". Take care, my friend.

  2. What a great feeling to see Allie and her roommate really "click" right from the start :D And YES PLEASE move to Montana so I can come visit you!

    Julie (no ulterior motives at all)


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