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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I feel like I have so much to tell you and at the same time I am not sure how much I can share... There are big changes in our household but I literally can not share many of them so for now I will stick to my random thoughts... Here is a bunch of stuff not big enough to be it's own post but that is rambling around in my cranium these days... It's mostly useless and very random... You were warned...

First off, there is a new blog I have been reading that really blows my skirt up so to speak... The blog name is "Giving Up On Perfect" and Mary is the blogger... She is so real and funny and I adore her! She is a much bigger deal blogger then I could ever hope to be so she in no way needs my plugging her on my poor little neglected blog, but she is great and I am adding her to my little sidebar of peeps... Wether she likes it or not. (Pop over, say "Hi"... You'll love her too!) 

I am headed to my Mary & Martha Leadership Conference later this week... It is in Northwest Arkansas home of our parent company DaySpring. I am more excited to go to this conference then I was about Christmas. I LOVE this company and the fellow leaders and... Well, I feel like a little kid about to burst with anticipation! I will share more abut my trip soon, but one thing M&M always does is send us these little luggage tags... 

I know somebody has to sit there and make all of these and that just makes it feel even more special. The second mine comes in the mail I feel like the trip is real and the excitement builds! 
Northwest Arkansas is also the home to my bloggy friend Conny from "An Ordinary Hausfrau" so I plan to email her asap and see if we can steal a few minutes to hug and gab in person! 

And finally here is my unsolicited opinion that falls into the category "The grass is not always greener"...

First off... I have a Keurig... My coffee snob friends in the Pacific Northwest may never speak to me again because, I not only have it... I love it! So when the shiny new 2.0 came out with it's cute little carafe and bells and whistles I really, really wanted it. I asked for it for Christmas, and not much else... I have a perfectly good Keurig but I wanted the new one bad... Being a good husband of course Paul got it for me (among other things... Love him!!) It was pretty, and shiny, it lit up on my counter and had all kinds of features... It didn't have the smudge on it from where the painters dripped on it and it never really came out or the buttons so worn you can no longer tell which cup is the big one and just have to remember... It was new and I banished the old one to the basement planning to finish it's banishment to the camp* (*Mainer for vacation cabin) at a later date. Fast forward three weeks when my "new" coffee maker DIED! Yes, that fancy thing lasted a whole three weeks before it became a $130 paper weight. I looked it up online... Called the 800 number to be told to return it to the store where we bought it for a refund or replacement. You know by now there is little shopping near me... This was purchased on one of our trips to a "city" so I had to wait a bit to return it. In the mean time the old one came out of the basement looking a whole lot better to me... The smudge is now endearing, a reminder of how long we have had it and the lack of features means I don't have to remember how to run it with my very slow "pre-coffee" morning brain. When we took it back this weekend they didn't even ask why even though it was clearly used... When I tried to tell the clerk she just held up her hand and said, don't bother, we get so many back I just assume it's not working! What!?!?!? Buyer beware... The grass is NOT greener!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Enjoy your conference and getaway. I hope you are able to connect with Conny! So fun to meet bloggers in real life : )

  2. I'm so glad you get to go to the conference AND meet another bloggy friend - we know how fun THAT is!
    But what a bummer about your new, Christmas Keurig - that stinks! And fret not... here in the PNW, there are Keurigs aplenty ;D

  3. How fun for you to be able to go to the conference! We don't have Mary and Martha out here. Do we? Ha.
    That's crazy weird about the Keurig. My sister has one... I'm going to warn her not to get rid of her 'old' one. :)

  4. YEH!!!! So excited about seeing you (Sunday - unless I hear otherwise ... I'll come to the Embassy Suites in Rogers).
    Too sad about the Keurig ... I want one so badly ... but I've heard several tales like this so I'll hold off. We DO have one at work!!! :)


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