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My Cinderella Story...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I got this a few days before my trip to Mary & Martha's Leadership Conference. 
I love receiving these little luggage tags in the mail since it means big fun is in store!

This year we were headed to the DaySpring headquarters in Northwest Arkansas. I am sure it is very pretty there most of the year but in January it was kind of blah looking. That being said, it was in the 50s and sunny most of the time so I'll take blah for a few days of warm! 

I wanted to create a big gesture for the ladies in my up-line & our particular branch of the family tree, so I surprised them at the airport with this little number!

It was a lot of fun and a few of them had never been in a limo so we all felt special! 

The theme of this years event is "The Big Picture" and I will share what my big picture was in a later post.

This group of ladies were all part of a "rising stars" program and we all worked hard and cheered each other on. They are a very special group of ladies!! 

I loved how they used our products as centerpieces! 

The new guide with yours truly's quote on page 14! 

I felt like such a Rockstar all weekend then this happened...

My true cinderella moment...

There are very few awards and most of the women who win them have been doing this a long time and have multimillion dollar teams...

So when they called my name nobody was as surprised as I was.

It turns out that I had the 3rd highest personal sales in the entire company! 

I have only been with Mary & Martha a year and half so to get called up for an award was HUGE... I didn't know wether to cry, laugh, or concentrate on my body shaper that chose that moment to decide to not stay put... But that's another story for another day! 

I decided to be in the moment! 

This is Kathy and this was her Cinderella weekend too.. We have become good friends so it was amazing to share this with her! 

It was one of the most amazing weekends of my life and was over in a blink.

Unfortunately because of the award I had other obligations and didn't get a chance to meet up with Conny... Boo!! But I will be back in that area again so I will purposely schedule an extra day next time! 

Thanks for listening,


  1. Hurray for you, Rebecca! I've been thinking about you for days, hoping you had a fabulous time. Congratulations!


  2. I am SO looking forward to your next trip to NW Arkansas!! I am also super happy for how well you are doing in this company. And your dress (despite shaper-mishap???) was lovely!!

    And I'll have to say NW Arkansas is just ok as far as its landscape ... I don't consider it one of my favorite places as far as beautiful scenery any time of the year. It's pretty average, in my opinion ... so not promising any gorgeous scenes upon your next trip either!! :) I do promise a FRIEND who is anxious to meet you! :)

  3. Fabulous! Congratulations!!


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