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Snowed In...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

 It's March... And not much has changed in my neck of the woods...

As I am sure you have heard on the evening news by now, New England is having one of the snowiest winters on record. Here in our little home town we have had well over 100" of snow and most of it since mid-January. 

This is what over SIX FEET of snow looks like in my front yard... That rail you see there is over my head when I am standing on the ground in front of it. Most of this snow came in blizzard after blizzard, storm after storm... Separated by about three days. Our lives for the second half of January and all of February went like this: Day 1 Snowstorm keeping us home, Day 2 Dig out/Snowed in, Day 3 Freedom, Day 4 Repeat. There was occasionally some variation as in it snowed for two days once (we got over 2') and it took us two days to dig out, but it was pretty much every 3-4 days we got a major storm. 

This is how I feel...

It has slowed down a little bit now that March is here... It has snowed a couple times so far this month but it was 6" or less each time. I am hopeful I will be able to back out of my driveway without feeling like a kamikaze pilot since I literally can no longer see past the snow banks, at some point this month. I want spring so bad it hurts. I love snow but too much of a good thing will wear you down fast! 

There is good news... I have once again earned the Mary & Martha Incentive Trip and will be jetting to Cancun, Mexico at the end of April. 

In about 50 days I will be here for an all expense paid vacation for two!! I even get $1000 spending cash! 

This resort just opened in November of 2014 and since I earned it at the highest level we will be staying in one of their luxury suites. WooHoo! Look at the conspicuous lack of SNOW!!! 

This is the THIRD incentive trip I have earned in the last 19 months since I started with Mary & Martha! I also have gotten to go on THREE other business trips to San Antonio, TX, Kansas City, MO & Fayetteville, AR! Yes, that is SIX trips in 19 months!! When I joined in the late summer of 2013 I was just hoping to earn enough to buy their dishes for my family! I never in my wildest dreams imagined this would happen. Don't get me wrong, I work extremely hard, but the fruits of this labor are so much sweeter then I could have ever dreamed! 

If you want more information or want to join my team, just let me know! 

I am off to dream of palm trees and the green grass in that one photo... Oh how I miss grass!!!

(PS. I updated my "About Me" tab up there if you want to take a peek... I'd love some feedback!)

Thanks for listening,


  1. Oh, I'm so happy for you! That's looks FABULOUS! And you EARNED it :D Julie

  2. Oh man, I feel for you! Hopefully you'll be all melted out soon! I'm praying for you! Wow, that trip sounds fabulous!!


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