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Meet Callie Mae...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My girls have been bugging me for a few years to get another dog. We love dogs but Paul & I were predicting an empty nest and were not sure how a dog would play into that...

As it turns out, our nest is anything but empty and that was also a concern. If you recall, we have a tiny home and instead of our nest emptying, people keep coming back to stay. Where would we put a dog? We have almost always had golden retrievers but I was sure we didn't have room or time to train a puppy. I reluctantly promised to pray about it and keep my eyes and heart open for the right dog for us. 

Then last week this photo showed up in my FaceBook feed...

Meet Callie, a five year old beagle who was left at the local shelter. She is incredibly calm, loving, quiet (surprising for a beagle). She likes cats, small children & is fully house broken. She does have some separation anxiety issues. She gets physically ill when locked inside a crate and has panic attacks when left alone for long periods of time. Thankfully for her, we are also a little neurotic and there is rarely a time when someone isn't home. 

Plus, look at that face!!

We brought her home for a seven day "slumber party" last week and made her adoption final yesterday. She is a perfect fit for our family! She came with the name Callie but Allison decided to add a middle name, hence, Callie Mae! 

Thanks for listening,


  1. What a sweet face! Miss K.A.'s name is Kallie. Short for Katherine Allyn. We've met a couple doggies named Callie. :)
    I loved getting the catalog in the mail! If I place an order do I go through your site to do so?

    1. You can either contact me or go through the website. Be sure to check out page 14!


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