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Two Years In A Blink...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This past Saturday we celebrated our Lilly's 2nd birthday. I can't believe it's been two years already! We decided on a preppy whale theme in pink & green for no real reason other then it was super cute. Here is a peek into her big day... 

We ordered cupcakes and added a little Mary & Martha flair...

Some super cute bottle labels and rainbow straws...

The bakery went all out on the cupcakes! 

We mostly set up on the deck this year...

I think the little fabric bunting we had from last year's back drop looks adorable around the deck rail.

{Side note: I have been wanting to get a new patio set for the past two years but every year my husband convinces me we will be moving soon and we can just leave this one behind and get a new one when we get where ever the Lord is taking us... I am starting to think he is just stalling me...}

I ordered deli trays to make life super easy... I love deli trays for a party!

I grabbed these paper lanterns on a whim at Target and had no plan for them. Katy came up with the idea to put them on the umbrella and I think they look cute.

We had all these little personalized details we ordered... They made decorating super fun and easy. 

Including this cute banner 

And the little tags we put on the "Goodie Pails" 

We had a fun time setting this party up. We kept it low key and that made it much easier to enjoy our guests. 

Paul & I got her this little retro kitchen set for her birthday and she loves it. The thing she loves most is being allowed to open and close the cabinet doors as much as she wants. No child locks or anyone telling her to "close it"... It's toddler heaven.

Here's the Birthday Girl with her mom.

She is getting so big!

Here she is hugging her beloved auntie... She is going to be so sad when her auntie goes back to school in the fall. 

She was super excited about the cupcakes and just wanted the fuss with the candles over so she could have her promised cake.

And she REALLY enjoyed it...

Really, really enjoyed it...

She would give us this look whenever it was suggested she "share a bite"! 
Let's talk about the dress... It is one of the coveted Lilly Pulitzer's for Target finds. We did not know the frenzy that line would conjure so we didn't get to Target until noonish the day they came out... You can imagine our surprise to find all empty racks, but we did find this dress tucked on a rack in the toddler section. 

It even has a cute little pineapple on the zipper. When my girlies were younger I used to get them a new Lilly Pulitzer shift every summer so it was fun to see the tradition move forward. 

Anyhow, after the cupcake she did a quick wardrobe change to open gifts... She could badly keep her eyes open by that time and mostly just let her mom do all the unwrapping.

It was a super fun day and we could almost forget all the drama in this little girl and her mother's life for a little bit. 

Thanks for listening,


  1. Oh my gosh! So darling! Love the decorations and her stink look! LOL

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the adorable party and the even-more-adorable birthday girl! Especially the way she'd give you stink eye ;D That little retro kitchen is AMAZING. Love it! You sure throw a great party!

  3. Your granddaughter is just about the sweetest thing I've seen all day!! :) (minus a certain 5 year old of my own!) :) Thanks for sharing!!


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