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Saturday, February 27, 2016

This is by far one of the most true statements I know...

I have found myself smack in the middle of a hard battle myself lately... One I want to tell you about and I know I will but just not yet. I literally have 15 drafts of posts I start (some even complete) but don't post. This new battle has brought a lot of stuff to light and made me see some people in a much different light. 

But for today I want to share this pot of chicken soup I made with each of you... Wishing you were here so we could chat over a steaming bowl of it and catch up.

And share the following verse with you that was given to me by a good friend the other day: 

I once again found myself trusting in chariots & horses for a minute but in the end the Lord caught me and dusted me off and restored me in a way I could not have predicted. 

More to come...
Thanks for listening,


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it, but in the meantime... that soup, ooooohhh that soup! Yummmmmmm!

    I find myself "preaching" that verse to myself every time Kerry starts talking politics - what a dismal mess. I'm so glad God is still on HIs throne.


  2. I have tried to write a blog post about "leadership" lately - in light of what happened to you, what's happened to us in the past, and what's going on in politics right now ... and I too am AT A LOSS at how to adequately put it in words. GOD BLESS YOU, my friend. That soup looks amazing, by the way!!!!


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