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Rebecca Mail... A Brief History

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pinch me... Is this real???

I am not even sure anyone really reads this blog anymore but I decided to write how "Rebecca Mail" came about so at the very least I would have a record of how this all started! 

Back when I first found myself out of M&M I had already signed up with another direct sales company so I just tried to pick up that new business and keep on trucking... The business is Kitchen Fair and they sell high end culinary tools made in the USA. I got the kit, started using the pans and loved them so I figured I'd go for it. But as much as I love the product and the fact that I got a chance to work with some amazing people who I adore it wasn't enough. I knew deep down I was ready for a bigger change but the need for immediate income overcame that feeling. Funny thing is, the Lord never seems to let me keep going in the wrong direction for too long. As hard as I worked, as many cooking shows I did I was not making any sales. I had some at first but then they stopped... By stopped I mean ZERO sales. People loved the products, wanted the product but in the end did not buy a single thing. It was crazy frustrating.

Here's the thing, before the sales ended I spent a lot of time talking to a friend who is training to become a life coach. (She will be amazing when she is certified I will post her info) and our conversations kept leading me to starting my own business. I started really listening to what people were saying to me about what they missed about our team, what they missed about M&M, what they thought my strengths and gifts are and it led me back to what seemed like a crazy idea I had months and months ago, to start my own subscription box. 

But why call it "Rebecca Mail"? I didn't really want to, I had all kinds of cute or hip ideas for a name, but I kept coming back to the mane a team member gave the care packages I used to send to team members. In fact those care packages were a big inspiration for this whole venture. One former team member summed up why I should call it Rebecca Mail, she said every time she picked up her mail and saw she got some "Rebecca Mail" she immediately felt excited. It always felt like getting a hug in the mail and opening it always brought back that feeling you would get as a kid on Christmas morning. That is exactly how I want people to feel when they open their Rebecca Mail box. 

There were huge obstacles to getting to where I am today but I must admit I am SUPER excited and feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. I will explain more about my vision for Rebecca Mail and some exciting thing I have in the works but for now if you are interested in pre-subscribing (first boxes ship in early June) or maybe even investing in my vision check out my Go Fund Me site. 

Thanks for listening,

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  1. I'm still here, reading when I can!
    Girl, this business is SO perfect for you!! I can't wait to see where it takes you.
    Once you are up & running, would you consider another lower "level" of Rebecca Mail for those of us on super tight budgets. Less items for a smaller price like $10 or $15/month instead of $35?? That said, I believe in you so much I'm going to make an initial investment in you because YOU gave me the same boost when I joined M&M! <3 you!!


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