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Monday, July 15, 2019

"Less is more" is a lesson I am still working on learning.
Today is "Amazon Prime Day" and I am usually excited to look for bargains on the "things" I have been wanting and even find some things I never knew I needed until I saw what a good deal they are. 😂 I have about 20 categorized "wish lists" on Amazon and I bet if I went over and looked at them I would find lots of the items are discounted.
But I am not going to look. You see, we had a yard sale this weekend. We have one every year but this year it struck my heart. As people sorted for treasure through the boxes and tables piled high with our discarded "stuff" I saw them for what they really are. They were a physical representation of a lack of contentment and even a waste of the resources the Lord has trusted me with.
My word of the year is "intentional" and the constant acquiring of and discarding "stuff" flies in the face of the goals I had in mind when picking that word. Less is more. I need to embrace that. I know we will probably always have the need to have yard sales (or donate items), kiddos outgrow clothes and toys, life changes as do the things we use and clutter kind of sneaks up on you.
In the past, I tried a "one in, one out" method for acquiring new items but this has resulted in another giant yard sale of perfectly good discarded items we had no longer use or have space for. So to the dozens of retailers emailing me with their specials today, I am intentionally choosing not to look. Hopefully, going forward I can be intentional with what I buy or better yet, choose not to buy.

Thanks for listening,