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Friday, January 22, 2010

I love my blog... it is so fun writing these posts everyday. I look forward to writing my next post.. I now carry a little notebook with me so I can jot down ideas for posts as they pop into my head. I find myself telling stories in groups and thinking... I should have saved that one for my blog. I feel like someone flipped a switch on inside me when I started this a couple weeks ago. Like a new part of me woke up.  I am starting to discover a part of myself that I'd never met. I think it's a part of me that bubbles up from time to time when I scrapbook... I love making those memories tangible. I think blogging is like scrapbooking my thoughts. It feel tangible...

I don't mean to wax all philosophical on you... I guess it reflects my mood.

I went to a funeral today. My dad's best friend of 30+ years died this week. He was more then a friend of the family, he was family. When my dad died in 2000 having Joe felt like I still had part of him here. When my dad and I weren't seeing eye to eye when I was a teen I could always count on Joe to listen and usually set me straight. He was an amazing servant of the Lord... as was said over and over today, he was a good and faithful servant. When he gave his heart to the Lord, he gave it all. He was not only my dad's best friend, in the three years we have been down here he had become my husband's best friend too. My husband is hard to get to know, and slow to form relationships. A lot of people don't want to put in the time, but with Joe he had something different. A special bond. I loved Joe doubly for this. Joe was very healthy... then... he was very sick... cancer does that. The last time I visited Joe he was in a lot of pain, but all he wanted was to know that we were ok. I could only stay a few minutes and was getting ready to leave when he said... Becky, (He was one of the last allowed to call me that...).. He said... "Becky, you, your family... you've done a good job, I'm proud of you..... "
Thank you Lord for Joe, he will be missed.

Now since Joe loved to laugh and would be upset to see me at the keyboard weeping I will close with another of Rebecca's most embarrassing moments...

(Names have been changed to protect.. well everyone...)
A while ago P and I were helping our pastor and his family move... P was helping with some heavy lifting in the garage, and I went in to help Sandy pack inside. She was in the kitchen with several other women and since there was no room in there to help, she told me I could pack up their game & toy closet. (A very impressive collection...I must say) She pointed to the top shelf and told me those are the games they play when they have other adults over. Since there isn't a "game & toy closet" in the new house, just go ahead and label those "master bedroom" All the games and toys on the lower shelves should be labeled "play room." Also, if I need to fill in any spaces in the boxes, just fill in with the paperbacks on the shelf next to the closet. She handed me a sharpie, went back to the kitchen and I went right to work. I was done in record time and had packed it all per her instructions, just in time too..the men were starting to look for boxes to put on the truck. I loaded them on the dolly and wheeled them out to the garage where the men were all laughing and having a good time. P and I then needed to pick up the girlies so we left with promises to return soon. (The following was as recalled by Sandy...)  Good timing, since within minutes of our leaving a hush fell over the garage followed by laughter.... Sandy went out to investigate and found her husband, the pastor, holding a box I had packed and carefully labeled....you guessed it... "Adult Toys, Games & Books - for the Master Bedroom"  .... ?!?! Doesn't bring to mind "scatorgories" & "bible pictionary" huh??? To this day I am still trying to convince people it was unintentional... it was!


  1. Dear Rebecca, I am very sorry to hear of Joe's passing, I met him several times, but it has been a couple of years since i saw him. i had no idea he had cancer. He is in the presence of the Lord PTL! that is funny/ i am betting odds...that you wrote... adult toys......(purposely) ... that is funny! love ya silly girl

  2. Hi Rebecca!

    Glad to find your blog. Sorry about your dear friend's passing. That part of this post brought tears to my eyes.

    Now, your embarrassing moment made me laugh out loud!

    Hope you have a great weekend.


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