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Favorites Friday...

Friday, January 22, 2010

I decided to start a weekly blog I am calling "Favorites Friday"... I see things online all the time that I think would be fun to share, blogs, clothing, crafts, room decor, gift ideas, books, movies...you get the idea.  I wanted to share them with you.

So here goes.. these are my favorites right now:

1. Blog: Suburban Turmoil ...Lindsey lives in Nashville and makes me laugh a lot... I stalk her site and just know if we met she'd realize that I'm pathetic be my friend. If you do nothing else today, click here and read this post.

2. Quickie home improvement: Vinyl door numbers..... A giveaway is going on right now at Fingerprints on the Fridge and if you don't win, but love the look, you can buy one from a link over there or find a friend with a cricut and have them make you some....

3. Accessory: Pink Flower Scarflette ... this is a look I would really like to try. I really like this one too. Check out her ETSY site here.

4. Craft: Ruffly Felt Rosette Wreath... I was thinking about making one in red for Valentine's Day this weekend, but the white is really pretty too!

5. Shoes: Hedy Platforms from Anthropologie... I can't justify spending the money on these right now, and don't even know if my Birkinstock wearing feet would let me wear them... but they sure are pretty!

6. Giveaway: Bitty Blossom Necklace at The Vintage Pearl... The blog of om my new favorite Jewelry Shop that I have mentioned at least twice before... I am TOTALLY in love with this design and think it would be so cute with our girlies initials on it.

Well, that's it.. my favorites for right now...

PS. An Organic Lotion Shop that I LOVE and will do a whole post on soon, has offered to sponsor a giveaway  for me! Whooo hooo.... the catch is.. they said they'd do it when I hit 50 followers. I have 3... it might be awhile... If you read this little blog and even kinda sorta enjoy it, consider becoming a follower...I will make it so my followers will get two entrys each and the first 50 followers will get three! It only takes a second so... think about it, won't ya?


  1. Oh, I love checking out new blogs! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. The shoes! Oh the shoes! But my poor feet would never forgive me.

  3. thanks for the locations...to research. i really enjoyed reading the mothers blog about her 2 year old son and future daughter in law. :) the scarflett, to me looks like something sarah jessica parker in SIC would wear on her head! the shoes were cute, but i am too old to wear such a youthful style and the white fluffy wreath, i have no interests in crafts whatsoever! it is lovely and would be pretty for a wedding decoration. AL looks pretty in the dress with polka dots on and kk has a gorgeous smile. sweet girls!

  4. Did I mention how much I love this? And the layout is wonderful!


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