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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I did it, I kept a resolution...start a blog in 2010...

I should introduce myself, I am Rebecca D. and am a married (18 years & counting), stay at home, homeschooling mom of two amazing teenage daughters. I write with too many ... of.... these... I don't know why... but I can't stop myself... I call our daughters the girlies even though it drives them crazy... sometimes (a lot) I don't edit my thoughts before they spill out of my mouth... this sometimes gets me in trouble... so I will just say "I'm sorry" upfront and please know that I am.

About the title of this blog... a little over three years ago when we first moved to Tennessee (from Maine...via Vermont...but that is another story for another time.) I was asking for directions to the Sephoria in Nashville. The person I was asking wanted to know if I was a "high maintenance girl"... HA...I laughed out loud...and said "No, I'm a low-maintenance girl with high maintenance aspirations." I guess someday when I grow up I will be one of those chic...have it all together women...hopefully.

I don't know what this blog will be yet... a little day to day life...a little parenting... a little homeschooling... a little DIY & crafts...and hopefully a little fun to read. (Time will tell)

About my family:

My husband "P" is the most patient, long-suffering man on the planet. He is the rugged outdoorsy type, who loves to read, discuss economics, politics and the Bible. He is my backbone, without him I am a lump of jelly on the floor.

Our older daughter "KK" is 17 and the most amazing and mature person I know. (This is good since one of us has to be...) She is the kind of girl others tell me they want their daughters to be like when they are teens...I don't know how that happened, but she is a blessing. She is preparing to fly the coop and go where the Lord leads her. She has the call to be a missionary on her heart, and she plans to follow that... I hope I have the strength to let her go.

Our youngest daughter "AL" is 14 and the life of every party. She is remarkably witty and always has been. She lights up every room and is a joy to all who know her. Everyone who meets her wants to be her friend, and she has never met anyone she didn't like.

We also have two cats who I love...I just wanted you cat-haters to know up front. I LOVE my cats... Sophie is a tortoiseshell tabby and all attitude. Otis is part Maine coon cat, part Himalayan and a huge (23 lb) lump of love.

We currently live with my Step-mom "LW" (again, another story...blame the economy) & her two great dogs. I thought you should meet her as she will show up in the cast of characters.


  1. Not a resolution, but I had a thought to try to start a blog this year too!! Have fun with it!

  2. This is cool! I saw your comment about fashion the other day on the Omyfamily blog...and now here you are! I love your blog design! Have fun!!

  3. Thanks for letting me know you have a blog. I enjoy looking into people's lives from the comfort of my computer chair and I will enjoy yours too. Don't be fooled, even though I won't sign up as a "follower" I have added yours to my list of blogs that I compulsively check often. So don't drop off the face of the planet in your blog! What will I do on the computer anymore?

  4. Very nice, Rebecca! I'm impressed! Do you want me to let you know if I find/found :) any typos..... :) hehe!! jk!!.... I too like using these.... A lot.... :) must be why we're friends!! :) happy & blessed new year my dear....

  5. Hi Rebecca, What fun! I enjoyed reading very much what you have posted. I will try and keep up. I think it is wonderful that you have the energy to write about life. What a blessing! Hey girly I love you and I have my cat too, he is another son of mine and part of the family, spoiled thing! hugs, pam HAPPY 2010

  6. Cathy... Thanks, as you know, I read tons of blogs so this seems like the next step.

    Jenn...Thanks for stopping by on this my first day of blogging, I'll pop over to your blog.

    Joy... Yeah! It looks like we finally found a way to keep in touch...lets pretend we don't live 15 minutes apart!

    Alisa... I do spell check, but I know they miss some which is why I have you! (LOL)...I was just thinking about you this morning, I said a quick prayer since you were on my heart...I am so thankful for friends who span time and location! (That is you...in case you missed it...I figured I'd spell it out...)

    Pam... Happy New Year! Cats are like children...they don't listen to me either unless they want something...I guess that is what we love about them... either that or how cuddly they are! See you & Ela next Tuesday!

  7. Hi Rebecca. Just wanted to let you know that I DO NOT read blogs. Never got into it... could it be... that I don't have that much spare time... or that... I guess I'm not much of a reader in any way. I'm a doer! If I have spare time I'm usually sprawled out in my recliner in front of the tube watching a good movie. But I decided to give it a try. I signed up to be one of your followers - your first! But please don't be offended if at some point I drop out and just pop in occasionally. At least I get to see you most every week at church to stay connected. Hope you stick with it. You Go Girl!

  8. Paula... thanks for stopping by. By all means avoid the siren song of the blogs! I didn't read very many until I started finding ones that reflect my life and goals or even just make me laugh, now I'm a goner....I do still love a good movie...

  9. This is LOVELY!

    And I would take fashion advice from KK and Boo any day.


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