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The theater of the absurd....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here we are on day two of my blog and all day yesterday I was thinking of deep topics, and "witty" things to say.  That being said, I keep reading that the most successful blogs are the ones where the author (me) uses their true voice and real life experiences. So I sat down and asked myself if you were here over for a  cup of coffee what would I tell you about...it was easy, this crazy cast of characters I live with win hands down! (So if you are looking for useful information you may have to look hard!)

First of all let me ask you, do you all fight crumbs in the silverware drawer? I woke up Monday morning and opened the drawer to grab a spoon for my coffee and was immediately disgusted...I took out the little plastic divider thing and all the silverware, funnels, etc and loaded it all into the dishwasher. (After all who knows how long they'd been there or where all these crumbs came from in the first place.) I then set to work on cleaning the drawer, this was no job for hot, soapy water....we eat with this stuff! I whipped out the "clorox clean-up" from the deep reaches under the sink and sprayed this drawer down and good! I had a whole roll of contact paper I picked up at Goodwill for a whole .25 to use for a craft project, but desperate times call for big sacrifices. That's right, I whipped it out and used it for it's original, intended purpose. (Call me crazy.) A little over a hour later, after the dishwasher finished, I was able to stand back and enjoy the beauty of a job well done. (Ahhh...savior the moment...) Fast forward to today, Thursday, a mere three days later... again I stumble to the kitchen for my morning coffee... open the drawer for a spoon and it is full of crumbs!!! How, I ask you??? If it was one or two I wouldn't have noticed...(trust me if you've ever been in my home. you know I am no neat freak)...no sir, this is a lot of crumbs! Images of my family clustered around the open drawer crunching on dry toast and crackers springs to my head. How...why...???

You think that is bad, now for the truly appalling. Again let me set the scene, while getting dressed yesterday I tried to remember the last time I washed my sheets. I usually do it every Monday, but it may have been the Monday before Christmas last time they were washed. (I'm sorry...if you choose to leave now, I understand...) So I stopped right there and stripped that bed. I loaded it all up in a basket and sent it to the laundry room with my dear older daughter, (she does the laundry around here...) and went about my day. I had to wait until they were clean as I am a fickle soul who is constantly switching out the bedding I use, so I only have one set of "matching" sheets at any one time. Fast forward...3:30 when the sheets finally arrive jumbled in a basket from the deep reaches of the house. KK walks in and asked me what I want her to do with them. I ask her if she can put them "on the bed" for me? "Sure" she chimes...what a blessing that one is. After all this is late afternoon, a moms busiest time, with all the prepping, cooking, eating, cleaning and dropping in front of the TV for a little NCIS. But there on the sofa was the laptop and the siren call of all the cool blogs out there started. (After all I needed to do "research" for my blog...right???) Flash forward with me once more...it is now 10:45...news is over and I decide it is time to call it a night. I enter the room and there "on the bed" was the laundry basket of sheets! (She did what I asked...silly me for not drawing a diagram for her...) Also on the bed...the naked, mattress pad only bed...my dear husband...fast asleep...on uncovered pillows! What.....I was....well.. lets face it...I should have been more shocked, but after 18 years of marriage, I'm not. Yes, I did forget to finish this task, but he (the engineer) could have figured out how to make the bed. He could have come told me it needed to be made...yes, he would have had to brave my muttering of broken arms and legs, and did he have them...or want them...but I would have done it. Alas, here I stand, not sure what to do. Option one, I could wake him up from a deep sleep and make the bed...not a good move. Option two, climb into an unmade bed with him...no thank you. (What is this...a frat house?) After a brief contemplation of heading to a hotel...I settled for making 1/2 the bed. Yes,  you heard me right I made only my side of the bed...I wish I had taken a photo for you...it was so ridiculous! Welcome to my world...truly a theater of the absurd!

I think we can all agree that drawer crumbs and unmade beds are not deep topics...I'll try again tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by!

PS. It is snowing here in Tennessee! Oh how I've missed you snow...but I have a lot to do today...could you come back next week?


  1. We get to have coffee together. Yeah!

  2. Juday...Yes...I guess virtual coffee is better then no coffee, but we really should actually get together.

  3. wayyyy too funny! love ya sis


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