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Not me....

Monday, January 18, 2010

There is this blog that I read frequency (I and A LOT of other people.) On Mondays she has a regular "not" confession post. Here I'll demonstrate and if you become inspired feel free to tell me what you didn't do today (this week... month... year) in a comment.

Here goes:
Today I posted a blog with my weekly menu. After that I ran to ALDI for stuff for lunch. While leaving there I did "not" hear the siren call of the golden arches and drop by the drive-thru. I did "not" order the new $1.49 big mac wrap. I did "not" only order enough for me, and eat it on the way home. I did "not" walk in and feed my family cold turkey & swiss sandwiches for lunch. After that I did "not" fall asleep after lunch for 3 hours. I did "not" forget to put my chickens on to boil. I did "not" ignore my own menu and order pizza for dinner. Now I am "not" watching TV instead of helping P move furniture back  into our bedroom.

Now don't you feel better knowing I did "not" do these things today.

PS... I did "not" lose that camera cord again this weekend!!! (I really wish that one was true.....)


  1. I love those "not" posts. So funny! Thanks for your comment on my blog today!


  2. I didn't eat 15 double stuffed oreos, or I like to say 7 1/2 quadruple stuffed oreos.

  3. Jen... Thanks & I love your blog. I've been dropping by for a couple months now.

    Dawn?.... is that you hiding under the "anonymous" title? If not, sorry, I like the way you do your oreo math though....

    Love ya guys!
    rebecca d


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