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and the re-do goes on and on....*

Monday, January 18, 2010

*You have to sing that title in a Celine Dion "My Heart Will Go On And On" fashion to get the full effect... then again, perhaps you are much saner than I. One way to know.... did you already sing it in your mind?... oops... sorry too late for you!

Well as the title implies... I have, as usual, bitten off more then I planned. It seemed so easy last week, lets just slap some paint up on the walls... yeah, sure, easy peasy...

Actually P has been slapping paint up on the walls, but first he spent a day sparkling, sanding and priming. Now he is in day three.. with the entire contents of our bedroom is in the dining room, (Yes, I am in fact LESS organized then I was a week ago.) causing us to have to run an obstacle course each time we want to access the kitchen. (and this is frequent!) And to top this off I am helping P by having multiple asthma attacks. Fun, and ohhh so helpful. Why oh why do I always forget that dust and fumes stop my ability to breathe? I guess because these things are unavoidable... but nearly constant wheezing has made be basically useless in helping complete MY project. I am really lucky P loves me so much, because he is in there for the third day in a row, alone, following my instructions like a trooper. I love that man!!

What am I doing you ask??? Well, up until today not much, but today I will start sorting the contents of our bedroom. (Lookout Goodwill, you are about to be "punk-ed" with all my useful stuff!) But first I am off to the ALDI to pick up something for lunch... when I made up this month's menu I didn't plan for everyone to be home today for lunch and one box of mac & cheese will not cut it.

Speaking of my menu, a few of you said you were interested in what I've planned. I have decided to post it on Mondays and only bore you with my dinners. If the recipe is available online I will try to link them up. This is a new skill for me, so bear with me.

This week:

Monday Night: Chicken Spaghetti (I am boiling 2 chickens for this...I will use the meat all week...I'm lazy that way.)

Tuesday Night: Meatball Soup (I had originally planned sweet & sour meatballs until I saw this recipe this morning!)

Wednesday Night: Loaded Baked Potatoes (no recipe needed... just add  shredded chicken leftover from Monday and BACON...yum)

Thursday Night: Crock Pot White Chili (more of Monday's chicken) This is not my actual recipe, but it is close...if you try this I would just use 3 cans of the great northern beans to make prep quicker. Also, I don't put milk in mine, but let people stir in sour cream to taste.

Friday Night: Hashbrown Casserole, with scrambled eggs and sausage. (breakfast for dinner...one of our faves) I have tried a lot of recipes for hashbrown casserole...this is a new one I am trying... I'll let you know what I think.

Saturday Night: Pizza (maybe homemade... maybe freezer... well see how the week goes!)

Sunday Noontime: My own version of Ratatouille' (Or chicken & sausage one-pot meal as the family calls it.) No recipe for this...I just make it. If you want one I could try to type one up... but it changes every time.

Not an exciting week..I know. I will plan February's menu with you guys in mind... and will try to put in more new recipes so I can let you know how they work out.

PS... I have found the PERFECT baby gift at last. It will be what I buy from now on! It is on my new favorite browsing site: The Vintage Pearl. Click HERE to see what I am hinting to P to buy me for my anniversary/Valentine's present.
DISCLAIMER:If you are a currently expecting friend, don't look unless you don't mind not being surprised. I'm ok with that... but you must pretend at your respective showers!

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