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Friday, January 15, 2010

Well now you've gone and done it... all this pressure you've been putting on me to organize and now I've come down with the decorating bug. You and I both know the only cure for the decorating bug is... well, to decorate.

I was looking at the "before" pictures I've taken for a post on organizing and well... our bedroom needs a little more then "organizing"! We bought paint for it a while ago, but in the "easy pour" container it sits.... Seriously though, lets face it, lack of fresh paint is just part of the problems with our bedroom.

Since we've been here we have helped my step-mom "re-do" several rooms in her house, but the room we are in is looking a little sad. It was my room as a teenager then when I moved out, it served as a home office for my dad for awhile and a storage room for a really long time. Basically it has been neglected since I moved out in 1990, and it need a little love.

The flat, white paint can only be described as dingy, and the trim is damaged in a few areas. We have a lovely paint color ready to go. It is the color of coffee ice cream, warm and cozy (& yummy). I wanted to paint it before we moved in but we ran out of time so when we moved in we basically just ploped our furniture in the room in a utilitarian fashion. I did hang some pictures, but without a lot of thought, and mostly on nails that were already there. (Scandalous...I know...)  I did little else... a couple shelves in what turns out to be an awkward area and some curtains on tension rods... be still your heart..I know.

This is going to be a tricky job. Basically our bedroom has to work as not just a bedroom, but also as a home office, and a hideaway for P and I when living with family starts to be too much. That being said, there is no reason it can't and shouldn't look nice. Plus, we won't live here forever and my step-mom wants the room to be a guest room in the future, so it would be nice to leave it finished.

For now, I am withholding the "before" pictures for the big reveal. (This may take a couple weeks..so bear with me...) In the interim, I am packing, cleaning and today and I am heading to Goodwill and other similar charity stores around town in search of a head board. (Our was damaged in a move and hasn't been replaced.)

My budget for this project is $200.00, so I will mostly be relying on stuff we already have. Lets see how it goes.

I know this isn't really your fault, but since P is a little exasperated to find out we are painting on his day off, I had to blame it on someone... besides, I knew you could take it!

Leave a comment and let me know what projects you are working on right now... I know you guys are all way more industrious them I am... now here is your chance to prove it, and inspire me a little in the mean time.

PS... It is a balmy 54 degrees right now here in Middle TN. Yes, last week 9 degrees, today 54! My system is doing flip flops!!

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  1. 54 degrees! I wish, sigh. It is so cold here. Although it was 26 here today.


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