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A funny thing happened on the way to the Wal-Mart...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Actually, a funny thing happened at Wal-Mart, but the other title made a vague reference to a play I saw once, so it seemed more clever... no need to go rolling your eyes now... I know, ok....

Anyhow, back to Wal-Mart. After my book club today, (I'll post on this later...) I had to make a trip to the neighborhood Wal-Mart to get some more sparkle for P. (Yes he is actually on board with my painting project!) While I was there getting sparkle, a new paint roller, some cable tv hook-up doo-dads P needed and some jellybeans that I needed, a woman tentatively approached me. She said, "excuse me... are you Rebecca?" I told her yes and was trying to place her face. That is when things got really surreal for me... she told me that she reads my blog! A friend of a friend told her about it and she can't believe that she is "actually meeting me, because (wait for it...) she is a big fan." (What..... ??!?!) And then she spots the sparkle and asks how the bedroom re-do is going.... clearly she does read this.... this is soo weird for me. We had a nice chat, she said she had a bad day homeschooling the same day I did and my post helped her laugh at her day. We talked a little about some of my other posts and I got to hear a little about her family. I told her she, I and our mutual friend should get together for over-priced coffee soon and she was shocked that I would want to see her again... Really?!?... she said she is my fan... the sweet thing is lucky I didn't kidnap her on the spot... I wanted to tuck her in my purse and pull her out every-time I feel lower then pond-scum... which is more then I care to admit. I wish I had taken out my camera and had her reenact the whole event on film... but I was too speechless... (I know, strange...right?)

This was all really strange and surreal for me. One reason is I was pretty sure other then Joy, Sunnee, Dawn, and my new bloggy friend Jenn, that nobody else reads this stuff. Whenever I mention my blog to other friends they are either surprised I have one or tell me they looked at it once when I sent out an email, (when I wrote the first one) but hadn't looked at it again.... So how weird is it that there are people out there reading this???
If you are out there reading this... bless you! Seriously, you have made my day. And to my very sweet new friend who was at the Wal-Mart buying dog food and doughnuts, & orange juice (the good stuff... not from concentrate...I noticed... and will be over for breakfast tomorrow), and took time to chat for a minute... you made my decade!

PS... I am not deducting the above mentioned jellybeans from my $200 budget, because I am pretty sure they will not be around long enough to see it completed... so they don't really count... I knew you were keeping track! Also, no headboard yet... ran out of time to go yesterday, but the hunt continues!


  1. Wow! That is amazing! You're famous! And its even more amazing she recognized you in person from one little picture! That is a good eye.
    Bravo for the jelly beans, I also consumed a whole bag this week. Please tell me they were Jelly Bellys....Rebecca.... PLEASE?!
    And I do want to add my two cent comment about what projects I am working on. Aside from maybe sewing a dog bed and MAYBE a bag (cute ones are way too pricey), I am also building a little human being right in my tummy.

  2. Joy.... YEAH!... Baby....really??? how long do we have to wait??? (Don't say 9 mos...smart-alec...) Seriously, I am so happy for you guys...

  3. Judy... I am so glad you come back... now if you start a blog we could have a conversation!

    Jenn... I know, right??? Weird too!!!

  4. I love this, Rebecca! When I read it, I felt good. :) Keep, keep, keep writing! :)

  5. Ginny.... Thank you for reading and your kind words... I am glad you are enjoying it!


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