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Bubbling up....part 2

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Last week I shared with you what happens when you put bubble bath in a hot tub... Now lets talk about what happens when you put the wrong dish soap in a dishwasher.... (I am nothing if not helpful... Public Service is my middle name...) Please note... none of the photos in this post are of us or our dishwasher... way back when this happened, I wasn't blogging and when a crisis happened my first thought wasn't "Grab the Camera!"...
Let me set the scene... About ten years ago when we were still living in Montana, we had just bought a new home. We had been living in a very old mobile home for several years and it was so nice to have a brand new place. In our old place we didn't have a dishwasher and I had to do the dishes by hand. I had bought a cute, vintage bottle to put the dish soap in (a la Martha Stewart) to keep the sink area looking cute. After the move I wanted to use this bottle as a vase so I cleaned it out...I drained all the soap out, and rinsed it until no more bubble came out, but it still didn't shine. So I popped it in the dishwasher... I had cleaned all the soap out of it after all.
As soon as I started the wash, my phone rang.. I grabbed my coffee, and settled into the sofa for a nice long chat. About ten minutes later I heard a sound that could only be described as a “blurp” coming from the kitchen... a moment later I heard it again...blurp... blurp...blurp... I asked my dear friend about this weird sound, she agreed it didn't sound normal and I should check it out. I popped up from the couch and peeked into my new kitchen, which (you guessed it) about half the room was now buried about six inches deep in bubbles!

I quickly got off the phone and turned off the dishwasher... and of course this is the moment that my husband walks through the door... Shaking his head, and with out saying a word he headed back out the door, only to reappear a moment later with two snow shovels from the shed. He handed one to me and said... “Do you want it to go out the door or down the hall to the bathroom?” Thinking of all the things I would do in the future to make the neighbors talk, I opted for down the hall...

It turns out even a little (tiny) dish soap reside was all it took to cause all those bubbles... but that isn't the worst part... After we cleaned the kitchen and rinsed out the dishwasher thoroughly, removing the offending bottle, we turned it on to finish cleaning the other dishes... “blurp” … yep... it started again, so I took out the dishes and washed them by hand. The next day I went to run a load... “blurp”... aghhh... when would this stop?...

I called the customer service line to find out what we could do to stop this... their advice... I needed to break down the soap residue that had coated the insides of the dishwasher.. to do this I needed to run an empty wash with vegetable oil instead of soap... Man, it stunk to high heaven, but did the trick...

I wasn't done paying for this domestic crime though... every time I ran the dishwasher for the next month the whole house smelled like deep-fried soap bubbles...yum!

PS. Most of the "cool kids bloggers" are over in Nashville this weekend for Blissdom... partying down with each other and Harry Connick Jr.! I however just like in high school  am not with the cool kids... seriously, I have only been blogging for a month now, so it would have been silly to go... right?  That being said, I have been reading some of their blogs for quite a while now... and just like in high school, I am looking over at their lunch table (aka: he Opryland Hotel) longingly.. So when I found a "Not at Blissdom" party over at Blessed Moon... I knew I had to join up... pop by and see who else isn't at Blissdom...

Thanks for listening,


  1. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I am a new homeschooler but really enjoying it. I am only homeschooling one child right now. So far so good! :)

  2. Hahaha! Love the post, and the helpful tips. This does feel a bit like high school, right? Funny stuff!

  3. lol!

    thanks for blog-hopping with me-hope you are having fun!

    and you are off to a great start for a new blogger of 3 months... great blog!! :)

  4. oops!

    only one month?!

  5. funny post! I put the wrong soap in a dishwasher in a condo we were staying in on vacation once...never thought what might have happened after we left! Oh dear! Hopping over from Patty's party. Nice to meet you!

  6. haha what a funny story. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is very cute and perfect for the season. It's nice to meet you!

  7. Rebecca, I have to admit, I have not ever done this, but a guest staying in my apartment, used dishwashing soap to try and "help" me, made a lot more work for me. :) Yeah to say the least, I had every single towel saturated & blankets also absorbing, then I had to make a trip to the laundrymat, as my apt didnt have its own washer/dryer. :) JOY JOY! love ya. So glad you are seeming very happy these days! :)

  8. when I lived at home with my parents, many years ago... one of my sisters put the wrong soap in the dishwasher and WOO did we have fun!!! I am glad to see you in C-ville!! Cute blog!! Thanks for stopping by mine!

  9. Hi there,

    great story, and am so with you in not being "in" with the cool kids! Dang it - I'm not even in the right country, let alone at the right table to hang with those girls :-)


  10. Nice blog - great job for only being at it a month...

  11. Your cool kids comment made me laugh!

  12. haha, i so agree about the "cool kids", i've been blogging at my new blog for about a month--and it felt hasty to attend as well. :)

  13. Hilarious! Not so much to you I'm sure! But hey, we are homeschoolers right??? This could be a lesson on mixtures and compounds? On how soap and oil do not mix? I'm stretching it here but its what we homeschoolers do. :-/

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment. That meant a lot to me. And maybe one day you and I will NOT be linking up on a blog about missing Blissdom! :-)


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