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Curly Cate's point of view...

Friday, February 26, 2010

This is our "Curly Cate"

I love this picture of her....

but she doesn't like it....

because she has no make-up on and her hair's not done....
(That's why I like it...)

She doesn't like this one either...
Because she is "too pale"

Or this one...

"makes my fingers look fat..."
(Whatever... I love this one...)

She "kinda" likes this one
(even tough it makes Sparky look like she wants to eat the camera...)

She may not like any pictures of her...

But guess what....

She does like pictures by her...

and I can see why....


That's right... all the above photos are by our very own Cate...
With a little point & shoot camera...

I linked up to... Blessed Moon... pop over and look...

Thanks for listening,


  1. My favorite of Curly Cate would be the one of her in the red jacket.. and I absolutely love the picture of the shoes.. All are good but those are my favorite ones! Have a good weekend ;-)

  2. she IS beautiful, AND talented!! :) {love the chandelier shot!}
    thanks for linking up, rebecca!

  3. Curly Cate is gorgeous with her curly hair. She looks nice with straight hair too, but her hair in it's natural state really makes her face stand out. She is beautiful inside and out.

  4. I think the photos of her and by her are great! I love the shoes photo!

  5. I love them all!! She is a great photographer!!

  6. came over from Patty's--love the photo of the chandelier!

  7. another vote for the chandelier pic!

    i had no clue she was a photographer :)

  8. found you via Blessed Moon, great pictures...the photos and the photographer :)

  9. Ok, I think the Chandelier is the Winner! I want that photograph! Cate you are Gorgeous , love the curls you look beautiful and soft and pretty and hey pale is lovely... look at Nicole Kidman, she is pale and so pretty. Its good for your skin! You will thank me for that one when you are older :) love and hugs to you

  10. Nice to get a glimpse into your life! My daughter takes the pictures that I post on my blog, she just has an eye.

    I wish our daughters could see themselves through our eyes if even for just a moment.

  11. Came from Blessed Moon to say that lots of gals would kill for that hair. I sure would. She's lovely. We just hosted a self portrait challenge and everyone said that they do not like to be in pictures but they came out of the challenge feeling great about what they saw.

  12. Following you back from FF! have a great weekened!

  13. Found you from Patty's blog & had to laugh, being a "Curly Cate" myself - and quite a whizz with the straightener when need be :-)


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