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Five Favorites Friday....

Friday, February 26, 2010

Here it is folks... my Five Favorite Friday.... These are what I loving right now...

1. Blog... Patty at Blessed Moon.... She is this amazing photographer, who just happens to be a great person too... I check in on her daily and usually leave inspired, or encouraged or renewed or all three. Check out an amazing photo she took here... she claims it's luck... you be the judge.

2. Another Blog... Georgie at Decisionally Challenged.... She wrote these sweet posts about her teenagers that were not only fun to read, but showed just how much she loves and enjoys her kiddos... So many of the blogs I find by moms of teens sound like they are just surviving the teen years... not loving them.

3. Spring Wreath... This wreath from Paisley and Polka Dots makes me smile...It is officially on my to do list...
Photo: Paisley and Polka Dots

4. This Scarf... The "Super Easy T-Shirt Scarf" by Ruffles And Stuff.... I think Cate would love this and plan to make one for her.. I have a really pretty t-shirt with a stain right in the middle... It's on the list....
Photo: Ruffles And Stuff

5. Recipe... Shrimp Risotto... from Calamity Anne's Adventures... I tried this recipe this week... and it's as good as it looks.... and it looks yummy...
Photo: Calamity Anne's Adventures

PS. I also did another post today... bonus...maybe??...It's all about Curly Cate...She claims I never blog about her... and she complains when I blog about her... I broke free of this catch-22 for toady... Sorry if two posts in one day is too much to ask... it is relatively low on verbosity.... promise...

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  6. I am drooling over the scarf and the wreath... perfect weekend projects perhaps? maybe... Hope you and your cute family have a great weekend!

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