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Five Favorites Friday... wanting what I have edition...

Friday, February 19, 2010

"It's not having what you want it's wanting what you have...."
We've all heard this quote, and I'm sure most of us believe in the truth of it.... it's easier said then done...

Every week when I do this post I find things out in the world I'd love to have... but don't... bloggers I'd love to be friends with... but aren't... and ideas I'd like to try, but won't. (not enough time, money or talent... or all three...) So this week and from time to time I will try to focus on what "I have"....

1) Bloggy Friends: These are actual friends... people I know in real life and am thrilled to know they are bloggy too!...If you drop by...tell them Rebecca sent ya!

Living Out Love - Take 2 ... Sunny is everything her name implies... I love her and her sweet spirit... she has three energetic, and wonderful kiddos... she is "in the thick of" parenting right now and it's fun to see this through her eyes... She truly loves the Lord and I long to be just a little more like her... She has a lot to teach and I have a lot to learn...
Mi Casita Mi Escuelita.... Mom2xamj... (do you use your name on here?)... is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She has a double dose of grace in her... she has a gentle and fiery spirit at the same time...(and that's tricky...) and if she ever figures out how cool she really is the world will be in trouble... I don't get to spend as much time with her as I'd like, (even though she only lives 2 miles from me...), but it has been fun reconnecting here in "blog land"...
Snakes, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...Karen is a new friend... we met months ago, but just really started to get to know each other last night at a homeschool "mom's night out" dinner... As soon as I found out she's a blogger (and "good" hamburger lover...) a bond was formed...  she has been doing this much longer then I and even though she isn't currently doing much blogging, (give her a break... she is a pregnant, homeschooling mother of three little boys who babysits two other little ones full-time... it's a wonder she has time to breathe...) I can't wait to get to know her better...

2) Cookbooks:
First a newer one...

The Pioneer Woman Cooks... I have been following her blog since a friend told me about her.. she is funny, endearing and a fabulous cook... There are days when her onion strings are required eating....

Now for one I've had awhile...
Quick Vegetarian Pleasures... I got this cookbook years ago when I was having a hard time getting the girlies to eat any meat... the thought was that if I had good vegetarian recipes I could just add meat to the Axeman's and mine... There are some really good, simple recipes in here, but what this book contains is my top secret Chocolate Cake Recipe... (shhh.... don't tell) Actually, tomorrow's blog is all about this secret recipe... so the "cakes" out of the bag anyhow...

3) Winter Comfort:
I love my Newari wool mittens....
Mine look more like the ones on top,
 but it's not a great photo, so I included both...

I got mine about 14 years ago at a little shop in downtown Bozeman, Montana, but Ive seen them at Cabelas and other such places in the past... They are soft, warm and clearly stand the test of time... Plus they are kinda cute in their own humble way...
These are made in Nepal for Icelandic Designs... they don't appear to have mittens on their site, but when I did a google search I found lots of them...

4) Book Club:
What happens in book club...

stays in book club... only because I'm pretty sure most of the world wouldn't care... About four months ago the friend on the left posted on facebook that she wanted to start a book club... it took me about 3 seconds to join... There are supposedly more members, but it's usually just the three of us... and it's always a treat...
So far we've read....

         I didn't like this top one... and I chose it... of course...                        
I, of course, loved re-visiting the other one...  
Now we are reading this one....

I read it several years ago,
and I forgot how beautifully sad it is....

5) Kitchen Luxury:
I have two "luxury" (at least I think so) tools for the kitchen.... Two things I use every week and truly believe have made me a better cook.

First there is this.....
The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer...
I've had mine for 12 years now, and I'm not sure I could cook without it....

and this one...

The Le Creuset 6.75 Quart Oval French Oven
I got a deal on mine at TJ Maxx in Vermont...
It was $180... (normally they cost about $365.)
I immediately put it on Layaway and went home to discuss it with the Axeman...
But if there is one thing Axeman everywhere understand...
It's the need for good "cast iron"....

So, that's it... my favorites this week.... suddenly I feel pretty fortunate...

I'm linked up.....

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  1. Allô, allô, you had me with Le Creuset Oven. That cookware is the best! But hard on the arms and difficult to wash. I dont use mine as much anymore. I will put it aside for my daughters. They can fight over it when I'm gone LOL. That was a cute post on things that you have instead of always wanting what you dont have. Very inspirational!

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  5. shoot, girl, you make me blush :)

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    thanks for the plug. love ya, sista!

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  18. I am in LOVE with your blog! You and I are very similar...and I like that :)

    I love PW--isn't her cookbook amazing?! I just made the pancakes from it. Divine. I made the cinn rolls a couple of years ago. Todiefor. And from her site I made the chicken parm...YUM.

    Lovely Bones--awesome read. Loved that book.

    And you have a Le Crueset?! I am so jealous. I saw some at Marshall's...I may run over there tomorrow and snatch them up :)

    Thanks for the follow--I look forward to reading more of your blog!


  19. Following you back! Nice to meet you :-)

  20. Rebecca, Thanks! You are too kind.. I'm so glad I found you and Sunny here in "blog land".. you make blogging so much fun! I'm feeling better so we can probably go ahead and plan for a day to visit next week. Now hopefully when I'm able to quit my J O B we can find the time to really hang out, maybe even start and finish our bible study.. lol. Love you!

  21. This is such a great post. I have just been here for a few minutes and feel like I "know" you :)

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