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Cupcakes & other ramblings...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yesterday was the first day since I started blogging that I didn't post....

Not only didn't I post, I never even used the computer... I played hooky... and it felt great. I love my blog... and I really love all you guys, but yesterday was 60 degrees here in Middle Tennessee and after the winter we've been having I needed to be out in it.

The girlies were at a weekend long youth retreat called "Merge" and it was nice to spend some one on one time with the Axeman. I had book club in the morning, but when I got home we talked about fun ways to spend the day. There is a new paved walking trail here in town and I've been wanting to check it out for sometime. It is where the old railroad track ran and it's like a long walk in the woods... right in the middle of the city... It was really, really nice. We strolled along, talked, held hands, and just enjoyed each other's company...

Then we came home, and I scrapbooked. I have been wanting to do some since Christmas, but there never seemed to be time and the "to do" list never got shorter so my supplies were just piled up in our bedroom. I was about to give up and take them back to storage, when we decided we needed a "day off"... I forgot how much fun I have when I get into a grove. I completed ten two-page layouts... I will share them with y'all soon....

Now for the cupcakes...

yummmm... cupcakes

Let's go in closer...
want one?...

This is where I got the cake recipe...

It's called "The Best Chocolate Cake"
and that's not false advertising...
But it's not only moist, chocolaty...good.... it's quick and easy too!

I use the recipe a lot...
have a look...

Well used pages always equal yummy goodness...

It has a secret ingredient...

Here, I'll let Sparky show you....

Yep, Vinegar...
I believe they call this a "Crazy Cake"...

Here is the recipe:
(I'm printing the actual recipe for my friend Beth who hates it when I just give her a list of ingredients and tell her to go for it... I don't really measure when I cook, but baking is like chemistry... you need to measure... so Beth... ths one's for you!)


2 1/4 cups flour
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cocoa
1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups warm water
1/2 vegetable oil
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1 1/2 teaspoons white vinegar

Preheat the oven to 350

Measure all dry ingredients into mixing bowl and give the a quick stir.
All all the wet ingredients... mix until blended... scraping bowl once or twice

pour into greased pan or cupcake liners

bake 15-18 minutes until toothpick comes out clean
(about 30 minutes if you are making 2 8-inch round pans)

that's it to the cake.... easy peasy huh?? (Yes Beth, I think you can do this... lol)

The frosting I used isn't the one in the book, that one is a smooth chocolate ganache' and yummy so I'll include that recipe at the end...

The problem with my frosting is I don't really have a recipe... I just make it... I will try to "guesstimate" how much I use on things... you may need to play with the amounts... (Beth's head just exploded..)

crisco shortening (approx 1 1/2 cups) (this isn't healthy...sorry...it's cupcakes after-all...)
Milk 1/4 -1/2 a cup
Powdered sugar 2-3 cups (maybe more)
vanilla... I would guess about 1-2 tablespoons
(or mix it up a bit with almond extract... or lemon... even peppermint... go crazy...maybe even add more then one flavor...)

I make it in my mixer... I put in the crisco, milk, about 1/2 the sugar and vanilla... mix well... it will be runny... add powdered sugar until it looks and tastes like frosting... That's it!
(You ok Beth?... slow, deep breaths...lol!)

let's look again....

yum.... (Hello lover...I may need a minute here...)

Here's the bonus chocolate frosting recipe:
1 cup simi-sweet chocolate chips
1 stick butter softened (8 tablespoons)
1 large egg

melt chocolate (I do mine for about one minute in the microwave and stir well, but you can do the double boiler method.) Let cool just a little
In a mixer cream butter... add egg and mix well... add chocolate... mix... you are done... frost away!

PS. Starting next Saturday Sparky will be writing my Saturday posts... We are going to call her posts.. "Spark Notes"... cute huh... be sure to drop by and offer her lots of bloggy love!

 Thanks for listening,


  1. I did notice that you were gone yesterday. Good for you for taking a day off! My mom used to make chocolate crazy cake, and I still have the recipe. I remember the vinegar! :-)

    I will have to check out that vegetarian cookbook. I became a "fishatarian" in January for my new year's resolution. So far it has stuck! I'm always looking for new books and recipes to help me get by.

  2. Of coarse, I want a cupcake.. lol. They look very yummy. I'll definitely have to try the recipe sometime.
    Your day off sounds so great ;-) Part of me can't wait to able to go out with hubby without the worry of whether or not the children are going to behavior (mainly J at this take.. he throw a BIG fit in Walmart). But at the same time I know when the time is here, I'll have this emptiness inside without the kiddos. *sigh*
    Really??? Spark Notes??? You mean she doesn't want a blog of her own??? My kids mainly Xa and Aya have been bugging me for their own blog for a while... so after much research I finally decided to go ahead.. and they have their own blogs but under my account.. so I see EVERYTHING! That's what I've been up to this week.. I could really kick myself for not coming up with something like "Spark Notes". Well, like always I've enjoyed reading to entry.

  3. Man.. why can't we commentators/ perfectionists edit our own comments???

  4. mmmm those cupcakes looks delicious!!!! I want one!!! lol. thanks for the recipe, I'm definetly taking this one for the next time I'm baking:) oh and I'm following you back! Glad I found you!

  5. I didn't get on the computer at all yesterday either! I look forward to reading the Sparksters comments. :) Have a wonderful day

  6. Everyone needs a day off every once in a while - sounds like you had a good one! And, ummmm, can I have a cupcake? Yum!

  7. Thanks for the detailed instructions to making these delicious looking cupcakes. Once I make them I am going to have you over for coffee to taste them. Hopefully I won't mess them up!

  8. sounds like a great way to spend the day-and it WAS beautiful!!
    the cupcakes looks divine!

  9. I Love a good cupcake!! :)


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