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I Love....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Pioneer Woman did this list of things she loves in honor of Valentines day... as I read through the list I realised how it was a snapshot of who she is... I really like this idea, so I thought I'd give it a try.These are in no particular order... just as they popped into my head....

I Love:

My long-suffering husband

My amazing girlies

my silly cats

these dumb (but lovable) dogs

laughing so hard it makes you cry


peppermint mocha coffee creamer



snow days

walks in the fall leaves



jelly beans

new recipes

old recipes

almond body butter

mint chocolate chip ice cream

double stuf oreos



throw blankets


TV shows on DVD

wool socks


air conditioning

warm fires




Target clearance racks

a fresh coat of paint

hashbrown casserole




loaded baked potatoes

breakfast for dinner

you guys and your comments...

What do you love?
Happy Valentine's Day,


  1. I love home made vegetable soup and beef stew. I love comfortable jeans & a big snuggly sweater. I love scarfs. I love my son. I love my daughter I love hummus with toasted whole grain bread & tabouli & stuffed grape leaves. I love my mom's biscuits & gravy & chicken & dumplings. I love Avocados. (wow just noticing lots of foods on here) I love my skin when it is clear and zit free(would like less wrinkles) I love the warmth of the sun. I love water,both to drink, but mostly large bodies of it to stare at in bewilderment & be mesmerized by its movement I love Lindor Dark chocolate truffles(back to food again I see)hmmm ok...I love paintings of wooden boats, even though I only have 1. I love rainy days that I can sleep in late. I love LIVE jazz & classical guitar music. I love my son's girlfriend:) I love the fact that I am so far from perfect but my Lord loves me anyhow & always will. Thank You Jesus! I love my sister. I love my distant family. I love singing praise & worshipping through music at my church. I love Rebecca, as she makes me laugh :)I love that I wasn't going to type on here anything & finally was able to come up with some thing(s) I actually LOVE. I know when I stop typing I will remember something else Haha! I love being alone in a clean home,quiet perhaps reading a novel. I love JC Penney's quick dry towels. I love orange tabby cats. I love a lost love. I love Loyal & faithful ministers :) ok out, I am tired, may think of more later. Blessings!

  2. great list... i like 'laughing so hard it makes you cry' and the fact that almond body butter comes right after old recipes! :)

    hopeyou had a great valentine's!

  3. I love my family, coffee, a fresh filter for my frig. water, clean floors, Chinese food, lip balm, orange-ginger scented lotion, my heated mattress pad, learning new things from a passage of scripture I've read a hundred times, Levi's laughter, the farmers market, and gummy worms.

  4. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream... yummy... that's my favorite! I love the list... I'll have to think one up later... thanks for sharing!

  5. Ok... Rebecca quit changing your background.. lol.. it changed 3 times already while visiting.. very confussing.. lol!

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    Thanks for the visit :)


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